Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Place of Video in Internet Marketing

by Mrmarketology11

The Place of Video in Internet Marketing
The question that keeps surfacing recently is the place of video within the overall marketing mix. I think there is no question that video and audio are becoming more and more powerful tools in the marketing mix. I have talked about the "un-ad" in previous articles which in large part addresses this issue.

With the preponderance of advertising we are all tired of being held hostage to TV ads, radio promotions and the like. However, for those who have embraced the internet we have learned the value of being able to control content. For this reason, video and audio files can be a powerful part of your marketing mix.

The primary way to promote your message in a customer friendly way is through the use of video. Short videos and audios provide bite size snippets of information that visitors can digest in their own time, on their own schedule and according to their interests. This means the control for deciding what content they will view or listen to is entirely in their hands.

Properly edited video that includes exciting content and special effects such as animated graphics provides a unique experience and gets a customer interested. Video is allows you to keep your business profiled 24/7. It allows 24 hour accessibility and good video provides a level of interaction that pulls your visitors in and makes them feel a part of the action.

For the business owner, videos are very affordable and save companies a lot of money when compared to traditional TV or radio advertising. The ability of videos to be shared through social media and optimized with SEO tagging offer unparalleled access to target markets.

As an example of the importance of video as part of a strong marketing mix note that there are more YouTube videos watched every month in the U.S. (10 Billion), than there are searches on Google. It's obvious businesses can no longer afford to ignore the power of video. In fact, the role of video should constitute a significant portion of your marketing efforts.

How should you use video? How to videos that explain how your products or services work are a great way to integrate videos into your site. Videos are also good for testimonials and as "tours" of your business. We all understand that familiarity and confidence in a company are crucial to building rapport and trust with potential customers. Videos can help visitors understand who you are, what you do and how you do it. Videos give a face and a voice to your brand. They can be a very effective tool in building rapport and trust. Videos that demonstrate a value your company holds can also be very effective in promoting a specific aspect of your business or to address a key value you believe your customers are concerned about.

If you do not provide videos on your site now is the time to get on board. There are many companies that specialize in producing videos. They can provide voicing, staging and scripting or work with your own people to produce a broad variety of short videos geared to promote your business and provide interaction with your target market.

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