Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Improve Website Bounce Rates - 3 Easy Tips to Help Get Lower Bounce Rates

by Zak Simpson

Bounce rates are often overlooked by most site owners because they are frequently tricky to address. The bounce rate basically represents the number or percentage of visitors to your internet site who "bounce" away to a different web site after landing on a page of your web page. As they are not browsing your internet site there is undoubtedly a reason and it's something you require to address. As you can imagine the lower the bounce rate your web page has the much better your web page is performing and the additional visitors you can potentially convert to your cause or sell items to. So why do men and women bounce? Extra importantly how can we minimize these bounces?

Tip 1. Bad Website Design - Try to make it functional and look incredible

This could sound like a quite obvious and quick to identify problem but typically a web page owner will be blinkered into loving their web page and will not see it's pitfalls. Look at your competition and see what makes their web site look excellent and work well, draw inspiration from them to re-design your own landing pages. If most of the competition are performing some thing one way and you are performing it yet another there is probably a reason for this. If your web page already looks great make sure you have not overlooked an additional area that is critical like the navigation being uncomplicated or your sales message being diluted by too a lot other facts.

Tip 2. Bad Content: Don't add Content Unless it's Top quality Content
Your visitors will be looking for great top quality content, if you offer rubbish content your visitors will soon loose interest and leave your site. By not offering quality content you will not entice them to navigate further and deeper into your web page. If you can't honestly say you would come across content fascinating don't add it to your site as it is highly unlikely other will either. The fundamental rule of thumb is, if you would not recommend the content to other people don't put it on your internet site.

Tip 3. Website Load Times: Get the Content to Visitors Rapidly

We know visitors to your web-site want to come across things rapidly with good navigation so make sure they can see the pages swiftly too. If a website takes too much time to appear users will tend to hit the back button and uncover some thing else. You possibly do this yourself don't you? Typically load times over three seconds are considered slow so check your site on a couple of different computers and see how you shape up. If you discover your web page taking over 3 seconds to load you may possibly need to look at hiring a web design company to enhance it. Server speed can usually be increased and will make a difference to load times for little funds. Moving to a new faster server can price as little as £100 additional a year!

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