Friday, March 18, 2011

How Cloud Hosting Functions And Runs Web Hosting

by Dirik Hameed

Many have seen those commercials from Windows that proclaim, when problems arise, "to the cloud!" and are probably wondering what exactly a cloud is and how for example a VMWare host works. Cloud computing is a solution that, as an online business, you should be researching in depth and considering making the transition to this an the solution to your networking and server needs. Due to the capabilities that this options allows for, many see cloud hosting as the wave of the future of networking.

The cloud, in its basic form, allows for the pooling of resources from a large number of different computers in a way that lets you allocate them to processes and applications that need them most, using a virtual environment. When it comes to the home user, this means that the resources from all the computers available in the home will be pooled together for the virtual sharing of resources. When it comes to businesses, most don't have the resources at their disposal, from their combined resources, to run the daily processes and networking functions required of their business. For a business, this doesn't mean that you are out of luck if you wish to have a cloud network.

Cloud hosts are network server hosting companies that specialize in cloud networking. You purchase your resources, functionalities, and customization through a company, just as you would with a dedicated server, and they provide you with all the resources that are necessary to meet all the needs of your business. This solutions comes without all the issues and hassles of hardware and server maintenance. You pay for your services monthly with cloud hosting, just as you would with any other networking solution. But rather than managing your network via a physical server, it is managed in a virtual environment. Many have found that working within a simplified virtual environment has a lot of benefits for their business and is even easier to use.

Choosing a cloud host for your networking needs in no way limits your options. Versus the dedicated server, they compare favorably on every count. This networking solution can be completely customized the exact needs of your business, just as you can with a physical dedicated server. You get all the speed and reliability you need for data transfers with cloud hosting solutions. With virtual private network technology, cloud servers are now as secure as dedicated servers, and offer the same level of advanced functionalities that physical servers do. Technology, as it always does, continues to advance, meaning soon these options will surpass the capabilities of the vaunted dedicated server.

What makes these options most attractive is, perhaps, the fact that these are less frustrating and less expensive alternatives to the physical dedicated server. Due to the virtual nature of these servers, hardware is at a minimum, and maintenance can be done remotely. Clients have these savings passed on to them as the inputs required are so much more minimal. Any bit of savings helps, big time, during these trying economic times, as we are all well aware.

Look into your options for cloud hosting today to see how it could benefit our business and help you save a bit of money as well.

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