Monday, February 7, 2011

Online Conversions Affected By Website Design

by Bryan F Bell

There is hardly any difference between a conventional shop in the market place and the website on the internet. When any prospective buyer visits the shop every trick of the trade is applied to convince hem/her to buy the offerings on sale. This principle is also applicable to the online business. The only difference is that in the conventional shop the main action usually follows the entry of the prospective buyer in the shop whereas all the strategies of making the website appealing precede the act of visitor clicking on the website.

The online buyer is usually very busy and runs short of time. A website hardly has 60 seconds to convince him/her to buy the service or product put on sale. This time duration is very crucial for the sale because it is in this short time duration that the visitor has to be converted to a buyer. Some of the key issues affecting this conversion are as follows.

Utility of the Website:

The utility of any website is mainly affected by two factors. The first is the affordability and the need of the offerings of the website and the other factor is the user friendly nature of the website. The former relates to the demand of the product or service and whether the price quoted is justified. If the offering is of recurring utility then the website is going to be accessed repeatedly by the buyer.

The website can be user friendly only when it facilitates the buyer with the information that he/she seeks in the least number of clicks. Usually the final page should accessible within 3 clicks from the click to the home page. The website can be said to be user friendly only when it gives the relevant information about the product in text as well as image. The submit button should be large enough to be visible with a phrase appealing to the buyer to click it to buy. The billing software in case of online shopping should be working perfectly.


Sometimes the prospective buyer needs to be convinced with the help of images and even testimonials and feedback. The website should have genuine testimonials and feedback from earlier buyers. This could enhance the buyer's trust in the seller. The description of the product or service along with the terms and conditions should be in detail and simple language to understand.

Clarity of options:

The website design should be such that the visitors become aware of all the options available, especially when the issue concerns payment of bills. The money can be transferred in different ways. All the options need to be covered. It is possible that the conversion from the visitor to buyer failed just because the visitor came to know that the credit card he/she is using is not acceptable. If there had been another alternative way of payment the conversion would be effective.

A professional website designer takes utmost care to design webpage so as to maximize the online conversions and optimize the sales.

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