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Top link building strategies and Tips for Serious Webmasters.

by Kanaga Siva

Webmasters adopt various link building strategies with the intention of increasing a Web page's link popularity. Link Building is an active program that increases the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your website in order to increase the site's placement in the search engine rankings for specific keywords.Given below are top link building strategies and tips that will to achieve your goal

1. Unique Quality Content:

The first thing that captivates the heart of the visitor to your site is the content. Create content that is unique, useful and interesting. Webmasters who find this content useful will link to your site to provide their website visitors a useful experience. This automatically provides your site very valuable one way inbound links.

2. Web Directories:

One of the link building strategies you should commence early is submitting your website to both free and paid high page rank web directories. These strategies will provide you with useful one way inbound links and reciprocal links from directories that insist on a return link. Do not submit to directories unrelated to the theme of your website since search engines do not give any credit for these links. Exclusive links or excessive links from web directories should be avoided.

3. Article Marketing:

Article marketing is one of the best link building strategies and you should start implementing it at the earliest opportunity. Write authoritative articles displaying your expertise and submit them to reputed article directories with a link pointing to your website in the resource box.

Webmasters searching for quality content will publish these articles thus providing your website with useful back links. This will soon grow viral as more websites publish them giving you thousands of back links within a few months.

4. Social Book Marking and Networking:

Social bookmarking and social networking is enormously popular today. Hundreds of millions of people are actively participating in sites such as Face book, Twitter, Digg, Delicious Reddit and Stumbleupon. Your strategies should be to join these sites and submit your website links and articles to them, thereby obtaining valuable back links. Join the communities and promote your articles to them thereby increasing your visibility.

5. Reciprocal Link building:

Though reciprocal links are not much in favour with the search engines as it used to be, due to unethical practices by some website owners, yet search engines do appreciate reciprocal links if they are from relevant sites of quality. According to Matt Cutts of Google "links from unrelated websites reduces your website ratings, and all those links that you have gained from such sites will be treated as completely worthless".

6. Authority Sites:

One of the best link building strategies to obtain a quality back link is to identify sites in your niche which the search engines consider as authority sites and request a link exchange partnership. This is not easy to obtain but is possible and if you are successful your link popularity and page rank will get a real boost.

7. Tips:

Having anchor texts in your inbound links with your targeted keywords embedded in them will give the search engines a good indication of what your website or web page is all about. Vary the anchor tag text so that they do not appear like spam to the search engines.

You can be penalized for linking knowingly or unknowingly to the undermentioned sites.

Avoid linking to Link Farms. These are websites that have hundreds of assorted links, linked to each other in every page.

Free For All sites also known as FFA sites are also disapproved by the search engines.

Avoid linking to Bad Neighborhoods because these are websites that have been banned or penalized by the search engines


Follow the above link building strategies and acquire quality back links gradually and you will be on your way to seeing your website appear high in the search results for your targeted keywords.

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