Friday, December 3, 2010

Use Video SEO for Personal and Small Business Branding

by Julie Ann Ross
Video SEO is the newest tool in your branding toolbox. Whether the brand is for a small business or your own personal brand, search engine optimization can help you to create the best brand in today's market. Search engine optimization is crucial to your online reputation. That is why it must be managed. Video SEO can help to maximize positive personal or business feedback through search engines.

The goal of regular search engine optimization is to win all searches on the three main search engines: Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Using video SEO is one of the most effective techniques you can use, because video is growing more and more popular, thanks to faster broadband, and smart phones that can play mobile video.

Using Video SEO for your personal brand

Before looking at your ranking on search engines, you must first check out your personal brand. Some people who are focused on their personal brand are using video resumes as a way to boost their personal brand and help with their job search.

But you want your personal brand to signify quality and excellence. The same is true for your resume. Although you can create a homemade video resume on your cell phone, why would you want to? Remember, your brand is one of quality and excellence, so be sure to use the right equipment, quality cameras, and proper video editing software. Better yet, hire a professional video resume firm such as

Post your video resume to video sharing networks like Video Resume Services, YouTube and Vimeo. Post these to your blog, LinkedIn, and your personal blog/website. Not only will this give employers something to refer to, but the video SEO will boost your page's search engine rankings, making sure this is the information potential employers find.

Using Video SEO for your small business

Small businesses can sometimes overlook the value and benefits of video. Not only can a video boost your company's search engine rankings, but some solid video SEO can push any negative press (and even your competitors. . .) off the front page.

You can also create a video blog to help with your video SEO. Rather than just write a blog post or web page explaining a feature on your product, or giving a tour of your facility, post some demonstration or tour videos to show to people. For example, Blendtec's "Will It Blend" videos have boosted their sales by showing how tough and durable their heavy-duty blenders really are. Not only have the videos gone viral in many cases, but the video SEO has been immense, pushing Blendtec up near the top of the Google search rankings.

One friend of ours even went so far as to create a weekly video show talking about the different developments in his industry. Not only did this add to his video SEO, but it established his company as one of the industry leaders, since he was reporting on a lot of news that the non-insiders were never hearing about.

Search engine optimization experts have found that video is one of the most effective methods to reach front page listings for their clients. With companies like Flickr beginning to offer video sharing, and Google's purchase of YouTube in 2006, you can see that video is only going to grow in popularity, which means this is one ship you do not want to sail without you.

As video SEO becomes easier for marketers to distribute for consumer view, it is becoming a necessary tool in online marketing campaigns. If you can create an exceptional brand and boost it through video SEO, your efforts will pay off time and time again. 

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Julie Ross, of Rostin Ventures references Video Resume for professional video production of video resumes, including executive resume services and expert online reputation management. also offers video resume services to help college graduates get the edge in the business world.