Friday, November 5, 2010

Should You Employ A Designer Or Create Your Web Site With A Website Builder?

by Jen Silva

New start up businesses must determine how to best invest their money and their time. Most novice business owners realize the importance of establishing a presence on the Internet. However, most are unsure whether the return on investment will be enough to justify building a custom web site given the expense. Website builders are available to assist those business owners who select not to invest. Each business owner should determine which option will yield the best results for the business.

How Much Will Each Option Cost?

A website builder is the more economically priced option of the two. However, significant research must be conducted to select the best website builder. A website template may be obtained for free or for a small fee. Hosting costs may be free or up to $100 per month depending upon the bandwidth needed for the site. There are several hosting sites online that offer packages and bandwidth for customers who select to build their own website.

On the other hand, hiring a website designer may become a costly endeavor. Some freelance designers cost between $500 and $1500. Other major design firms may charge anywhere from $2000 to $5000. The costs vary depending upon the amount of customization and graphics required for the site.

Which Type of Website Will Attract More Customers?

Most business owners are aware that part of website sales conversion involves luring customers to the site and enticing them to remain on the site to review the information once they arrive. Search engine optimization techniques will attract customers to the website. Customization of the website will keep the customer interested once they arrive to your business's website. A website builder may provide a reasonably custom website. However, a designer will allow businesses to uniquely customize their website. Website designers will provide the most flexible solution of the two options.

Businesses should select the best website builder available. Shopify is a popular website builder. Most website builders come equipped with templates that allow the user to insert a company logo, insert pictures, insert Google advertisements or customize individual web pages. These website builders may also be customized to accept credit cards and send shipping requests to a third party vendor. Business owners will still have to design the company logo before inserting the graphic. This may require some creativity, experience, and ingenuity on the part of the business owner. Businesses that use templates also run the risk of having their website appear similar to another company's website. This is the undesirable aspect of website builders and templates.

Freelance designers and design firms will solicit their creative teams to create a unique logo for the business. Custom graphics allow the company to distinguish itself from the competition. These companies also know JavaScript code. 

Designers may also add databases for queries, site search functionality and embedded email for customer support issues. The website may truly be customized for the needs of the company.

What Is the Best Option for Your Company?

Some companies may use the strategy of maintaining low overhead and invest more as the company earns. These companies may feel comfortable with using a template or the best website builder to complete their website. Small consulting companies that only have several thousand to invest may select this option over building a custom website.

On the other hand, some companies that receive small business loans or capital may elect to invest as much as possible to appear professional to their clients. Companies that received a small business loan or venture capital may select a custom design. These individuals have invested a significant amount in their business initially that must be recovered to become profitable. Therefore, this type of company desires to receive the maximum return on their investment as quickly as possible. In this instance, a $5,000 investment in a custom website is minimal if the company already has $200,000 or more invested.

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