Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Alternatives To AdSense

by Steve Watson

The only reason people are searching for an alternative to AdSense is if Google has blocked their account and not listened to any of the pleas to get it reactivated. If your situation is anything like so many others who had their AdSense account closed, Google has probably not given you any clue why the account was shut, but the advice is to move on and search for an alternative. 

Believe it or not, having your AdSense account blocked could be the best thing that ever happened to you, just like what happened with Jeff Johnson back in 2004. In this case, Jeff's account was shut down because he was using two accounts.However, as it turned out, once he was free from AdSense his online income exploded - so take it as a sign of things to come! 


This advertising network has been going since 2002 and is one of the biggest independent ad networks. AdBrite allow you to choose which category of ads you want to to display on your site and they have enough advertisers to serve up many ads in most categories. You should be careful about picking the right category because even though a financial category might pay better it's not going to get many clicks if your site is about dog training! One problem some people might have is that they only pay out by cheque which is issued in USD. 


One very lucrative alternative to Google AdSense is simply selling links on your site to advertisers. Their advertisers want to place links on relevant websites to get traffic and boost their search engine rankings. Unlike traditional AdSense alternatives, LinkWorth have a large number of SEO agencies buying links so it's strongly recommended. 

Amazon Associates

Obviously it depends entirely on what sort of website you are running but many people have found that the Amazon Associates programme is even more profitable than AdSense under the right circumstances. The major difference though is that you only earn a commission when you sell a product so you need to send quite a few clicks to make a sale. Even if your niche has some fairly low cost products which only earn you a couple of dollars per sale don't forget that Amazon is probably the webs largest retail store so people get to the site via your handmade soap niche site but end up buying books, video games and DVD's and spending $100 or more. 

One of the options in Amazon is Omakase (Japanese for 'It's Up To You') where you put a bit of code on your website and it tries to pick relevant products based on the content of your page. In our experience though the Omakase solution doesn't always serve up the most relevant products and concentrates mostly on best sellers and books.

Don't just rely on ads that pay you a few pennies per click or a few dollars per month, get active with your online income and start promoting relevant affiliate products and build your list to follow up with people when you want.

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