Monday, October 25, 2010

Why You Need To Track Website Visitors

by Joseph Schembri

If you have a website, collecting data on visitors to your site is extremely important. Whether you have a business or just develop websites, data from your visitors can be extremely helpful in making your site as effective as it can be. The more data you can collect from visitors, the more productive and effective your content, campaigns and services can be.

Analyzing your traffic has assumed a new importance. In fact, stats are the essential tool to measure and manage a business or a website successfully. You may put up a website but then you're not sure if you have the right content on your homepage. You do get some visitors, but what can you do to make things better. Without actual data and solid information it's all guesswork. Knowing what you want to achieve, who your visitors are likely to be, and what their objectives are will lead you in the right direction.

The first obvious data you need to know is how many people are coming to your site. Just knowing the number of people coming to your site is not really a good indication. What you really need to get is a number for unique visitors and not page views or hits. Why? Because if you are visited by the same visitor 100 times, he/she will count as 100 visitors. If your visitor downloads several information products from you, he/she will count as several visitors. A unique visitor is counted once, even though he/she may visit your site more than once. This is a more effective use of traffic numbers.

Of course, you might also want to know if you are getting repeat visitors, or how many days have passed before the visitor came back to your site. A visitor or buyer who repeats their behavior is more likely to continue repeating it, meaning their future value to your business is high.

Next, you need to know where your visitors are coming from. You want to know which search engines are sending you traffic and which other websites have a link that sends people to your site. Tracking and monitoring your incoming links can provide you with great and valuable insight into which sites, social media and other web traffic sources are sending you the best and most qualified visitors for your web site. You need an understanding of which one of these traffic sources brings in more traffic and consequently which should be the traffic sources on which to spend the greatest amount of energies. This can help those with less experience in tracking visitor data in understanding how you can actually go about collecting visitor data and how to make that information help you understand better how and where to focus to increase your web traffic.

You also want to know from which part of the world your visitors are coming from. If you know that many come from a particular part of the world or country, you may want to target some of your marketing effort to them.

Once visitors reach your site, you need to know what they actually do once they are on your website. You can use this data to find out how to improve your website to better meet your customer's needs.

Learning about your visitors and using this information properly, is the best way to make sound marketing decisions. It directs you on how to generate the right content and dramatically increases results from your website.

There are many programs out there that can give you what they call website metrics. The problem I have found with many of these programs is that they tend to be a bit over-whelming. They have so much data scattered all over the program, that sometimes it is an ordeal to find out some simple information. You might often have to click several times in the program just to find some small bit of information you would like to know right away. As a result, you may not monitor your traffic as often as you should due to the amount of time that may be required for your search.

When looking for a visitor tracking program, make sure that it is simple to use and that you can find the information you need simply and quickly. This will give you the incentive to review your traffic data on a regular basis and actually, to make a habit of it.

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