Friday, September 3, 2010

The Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Create a YouTube Community

by Steve Duval

Since it's creation in 2005, YouTube has steadily grown into a revolutionary force across hundreds of industries. While once viewed as a simple online video sharing service, YouTube has grown into a legitimate advertising and social media platform with a global reach of more than 2 billion views per day.

For any start-up or internet-based business, traditional modes of advertising and marketing are often too cumbersome and ineffective to warrant their high costs. YouTube Communities offer several distinct advantages to other modes of advertising and considering its cost (FREE!); it can provide an incalculable return on investment.

The Top Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Create a YouTube Community:

1. The Upside of Going Viral

There are countless hours of amateur home video that have now been viewed hundreds of millions of times with little to no effort by their creators. The majority of these videos are viewed multiple times by the same individual who then share or recommend this content to others. By catering videos and ads to your target demographic, a well-made or "catchy" video has the potential to spread to a global audience overnight, simply by word of mouth. The cascading effect of viral videos gives your YouTube Community a worldwide reaches that would be impossible to duplicate through other methods.

2. Versatility and Customizability

YouTube is the most versatile platform for direct-to-consumer marketing, enabling the full gamut of multimedia capabilities (video, audio, photo, text). Your Internet business can express its identity and message through any method of multimedia delivery and also design its YouTube Community page to further brand identity. Because you are the owner of your community page, YouTube offers an advertising outlet that is more customizable than any traditional marketing platform. Convey your brand and your message in whatever way you choose.

3. Direct Consumer Feedback

The comments, rating and analytics features of a YouTube community offer valuable feedback, direct from your target demographic without need to pay for focus groups or market research consultants. The significance of creating a YouTube Community lies in the close-knit ties your Internet business can create with its customers, encouraging brand loyalty and establishing you as a business that truly cares about its customers.

4. Free Product Testing and Market Research

The integration of your company's YouTube Community into market research and product testing efforts is a valuable capability that can save both time and money. YouTube communities serve as a custom-built body of customers who are eager and excited about your products or services. Offering exclusive promotions or sneak peeks at new products directly to your ready-made market can save thousands of dollars on failed product launches or irrelevant market data.

The idea behind YouTube Communities is nothing new or revolutionary, but the impact it can have on your business is tremendous. In an age of constant connectivity, social media is forcing businesses to stay relevant by being integrated into their customers' daily commutes around the web. Make sure yours is an important stop along their way!

About the Author

Steve Duval is an internet entrepreneur who is showing others the many ways of making money online today. He teaches simple techniques that anyone can use to earn money online