Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Use Article Marketing Automation Plus Blogs and Social Media to Build Your Online Business

by Mike Lawson

It's important, as an internet marketer, to have many irons in the fire to build your business. Relying on one tactic only limits the exposure you can gain for your business. Efficient marketers employ article distribution with article marketing automation, blogs, and social media to build their ventures.

Article Distribution with Article Marketing Automation

Widespread distribution of your writing is essential to building tons of backlinks. You want people with an affinity for your products linking back to your website. If you have no website, you want people linking back to the websites of affiliate programs you promote.

You need two things to facilitate this backlinking. The first is content of excellent quality that speaks to the needs of readers.

The second is premium distribution from a quality content distribution service. These two work in tandem to produce significant traffic for you.

Your articles must engage your readers with thoughtful insight that address subjects your niche finds interesting. Fluff content that offers nothing new to readers is not a characteristic of quality content writing. Therefore, it behooves you to do the necessary research to create information-rich content.

Next, you have to get your work to the most popular publishers on the Web. A top-notch article submission service does this cost-effectively for you.

They utilize their extensive distribution list to do this. This list contains the best publishers across numerous categories.

They also provide article marketing automation so you can schedule all your distribution ahead of time. This helps you manage your time better as an internet marketer. Quality writing and far reaching autopilot distribution are that one-two punch for article marketing success.


Blogs are "right now" writing. They let you get the message out fast about your online business and products you offer.

If you don't have a blog you could go to a provider this minute. In fact, in a few minutes you could have one up and running. That means you could be engaging in a new promotional effort today for your business. It's that new iron in the fire.

It can work in concert with your articles. If you write a new piece and it publishes, you can let your blog readers know about it immediately.

This is important because you drive traffic from your blog to your informative content. Your blog readers experience your quality content writing published by someone else. They then perceive you as an authoritative voice in your niche.

From your blog and your articles they link to your website. They have an interest in your articles and posts and decide to find out more about you. That's the pre-sold traffic you need that converts to customers on your website.

Blogs are also great places to present quick product reviews and in-depth product reports. Embedded in each of these types of posts are links to your website or affiliate program website. In addition, you can update your blog several times a week to keep your readers up-to-date on promotions and new products you're offering.

Social Media

Diverse social media portals are extremely popular these days. You probably don't have the time to use them all or even most of them. However, it does help your promotional efforts to use some of them on a regular basis.

Again, you can promote your writing through your social media accounts. An example is the content you submitted to a quality content distribution service.

Once they distribute your articles you can promote them through your social networking accounts. You do this via the user-friendly links from your author account that you have with the service.

As you engage in good discussions on social media sites, you can promote your business and articles. Only do this as a way to offer good advice and resources to others. Your goal is to help them secure the quality information they desire.

There's nothing wrong with attaching your website or article link in a discussion. This is as an addendum to the quality comments you already put forth.

If you expound like a blatant commercial on a social media site you get the "spammer" label. It's a signal to others to avoid you.

Be respectful, helpful, and full of useful information on social media sites. Engage in intelligent conversation with the needs of others in mind. It's the way to build a good reputation and credibility as an online marketer.

Use article distribution with article marketing automation, blogs, and social media to grow your business faster. This multi-pronged approach, along with other strategies garners traffic for your website. Once that pre-sold traffic arrives, you can further the selling process and grow your income accordingly.

About the Author

Mike Lawson is a freelance consultant to internet marketers. His service provides quality reviews for article marketing automation programs. Read review of Content Crooner