Monday, August 16, 2010

Banner Advertising Still Clicks For Most Marketers

by Steve Duval

Banner advertising was prematurely declared deceased only a few years ago. If you visit any Web site today, you'll find a strange trend: Banner advertisements are still a mainstay on most Web sites. They occupy their standard positions at the top of pages, fit comfortably into medium rectangle space to the right of content, and sometimes make an appearance at the bottom of articles. One look at any major content Web site is testimony that banner advertising is still a formidable marketing tool for advertisers across the Internet. Users often complain that banner advertisements are "annoying." When they first appeared, the annoyance was at its sharpest. Over time, banners became so much a part of the landscape of the Internet that Web sites often look strange without a few banner ads to liven things up. Today, banner advertisements remain a part of almost every Web site because they still work as a form of advertising. No matter how annoying people find them, someone, at some time, clicks one of them out of curiosity. Here are a few more reasons that banner advertisements are still the pet of all marketers.

High Visibility

It's cheap to display banners and they're seen by thousands of people a day. Publishers don't make as much money as they once did because the cost of banner advertising declined. That's a good thing for marketers. It's possible to display thousands of ads across thousands of sites simply by signing up for a cost-effective
advertising plan with a major ad network. It works.


Banners have evolved over the years. The flashing lights and "YOU WON!" slogans of yesterday might have disappeared, but they've been replaced by new forms of banner ads that keep the format fresh and exciting. Interactive ads let people play games, audio ads let people listen to music by choice, and some ads allow people to vote on political issues. The banner ad can be seen without being annoying.


The number one reason banner ads are still scattered across the internet is that they still work for marketers.

They work for the little buy and the big corporation. Google lets the little guys design their own banner and display them across a network of millions of Web sites. With solid keyword research, it's possible for people of every background and budget to create a successful banner ad campaign.
It's Easy

Creating banners is one of the simplest activities on the Internet. Advanced, paid banner maker software can help out for large projects, and free banner maker software helps for the small stuff. With some research on color schemes and what customers like to see, it's possible to easily create an appealing banner ad for any audience. Banner advertisements aren't dead. They're not even sick. As long as there are users on the Internet, there will be some form of banner advertisement that will appeal to an audience of Internet users that still enjoy seeing random information or products flashed across their screen. Eventually, someone clicks.

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