Monday, July 12, 2010

Tips on Web Design For E-marketing

by Manish Rawat

Web designing should be user-centered, at the same time evaluating the evolving design against user requirements. And Internet marketing or e-marketing, which is in itself is a broad entity- set on a strategic level, that uses electronic medium to perform the desired activities, all depends on the quality of your web design.

It is no more important to generate traffic on your website, but what is more important is to consider the fact that the visitors linger on your site and generate revenues. The e-marketing strategies- article marketing, blogging, search engine optimisation and email marketing, all depends on the quality of your site.

Maintaining constant focus on what you are trying to accomplish, what message you are trying to communicate becomes far more important than other techniques. Here, to avoid this confusion, we are going to deal with the simple and sober principles to an effective web design for internet marketing-

1.First impression is the last- The first page of any website is the most important page and the quality traffic all depends on it. Web developers tend to use splash pages with very beautiful images, and they spend most of their efforts to beautify the words like, Welcome, Click Here, and many more. Try and avoid the situation where the visitor is forced to click 'Back', instead of 'enter' because it is far more important to equip your visitor with the valuable information your website tends to provide rather than filling in pretty vases for no purpose.

2.Avoid Junk Ads and Banners- Be well aware that your readers are not visiting your site to read the ads. Instead, they demand content. Don't waste time in promoting junk site. We know that ads bring in money, but for sure, they won't pay you in the long run. If your ads overwhelms your web page, many readers won't stick around long enough to read your content. Do not push them unintentionally to go away.

3.Simple Navigation, Easy Go- Just be well aware of this fact that your visitors expect simple easy steps. To tell you frankly, even a tech savvy person wants an Easy-Get-Go,that is easy and straightforward navigation menus. He/she has visited your site for some purpose, not to enter into a maze. Multi-tiered drop-down menus are a good choice. If your visitors don't know how to navigate, they will leave your site.

4.Visual Design- The experience of a brand and a site will not be memorable and lessen the chances of a visitor to re-visit your site, if the visual design is not energising and does not fit what the visitor would expect from a brand.

5.Control Noise Pollution- Here, I am referring to the annoying audio looping on and on, on your site. If the visitor need to stay on your website, try and give some space for quality leads.

When you are actually done with all these basics in mind, just give yourself a thought and try to imagine yourself in the place of a visitor. I am sure, you would surely get the answers, and this would prove to be a positive step towards your e-marketing efforts.

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