Friday, July 2, 2010

Learn Internet Marketing - Get Your Articles Read More Often - Advice That Works

by Steve Upton

When you start to learn internet marketing and especially writing articles to provide information to your readers about your business or products you may find yourself wondering why more people do not read your articles. Believe it or not articles are meant to be read.

If your one of those people who finds article writing is too much work or too difficult then you are not alone. However, with a little bit of help you can take out the fear and dread of article writing. Articles are there to impart information and knowledge to the reader. If your articles are not being read then the time and effort you are putting into them can be wasted.

Taking a little time to learn internet marketing and the use of articles in your marketing strategy can help you turn that wasted time and effort into something productive. Providing your readers with well written article on subjects they care about will build confidence in your readership and show that you are an authority within that field.

If your reading this then you know articles need to be written and articles need to be read. Writing an article that captures the reader's attention and imparts knowledge they are looking for will be far more valuable to the reader and in turn that reader may well pass on to others that your articles are well worth the time and effort to read.

Writing a good article does not have to be difficult, but what happens is people forget some of the basic rules for writing and this can seem to make things harder for the writer. If you're writing about something you know about, have a passion for and can pass on valuable information then your articles will get read. All you need to do is add in a bit of creativity and make the article interesting to the reader and I can guarantee it will be read by more people.

Here are my tips to get your articles read more often.

1: Short Paragraphs Always use short paragraphs. They are easier to read and do not look so daunting to the reader. Massive blocks of text running for page after page can be a real fast turn off for the reader and all attention will be lost.

2: Numbers and Points If you're making points or have a list then use numbers or bullet points to show each one in turn. This not only helps the reader to see each point you are making but also helps if is looking for a particular point associated with your article.

3: Sub Headings Divide up your paragraphs and points by the use of sub headings. This make the page look better and is much easier to read and on the readers eye. Again it also helps the reader find a particular subject in your article.

4: Titles

The title you use can be the real deal breaker as to whether someone is going to read your article in the 1st place. Personally I look at what the press do with their titles for articles in newspapers and magazines. You can learn a lot about article tiles by just taking the time to read the paper each day.

5: Make It Interesting Most people reading your article will be doing so because of the "what is in it for me" factor. People tend to do this subconsciously anyway. However, most will want to further their knowledge on the given subject matter. So from the outset of your article make it interesting, capture the reader's imagination by the use of good words and always if possible include a real life example. Such as "I used this to great effect when" etc etc etc. People can relate to this more easily.

6: Visualise. Facts and figures can also be a great way of keeping someone reading interested and it will also show that you have good knowledge of your subject. So saying something "like 95% of all work from home businesses fail because...." or "5% or all on-line business start ups succeed because..." helps your reader to visualise the subject and also provides information they may need in their re-search if say they were starting a new business.

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