Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Considerations About Article Marketing: Keywords and Duplicate Content

by Steven Esian

As you submit your article to article directories and ezines to progress your search engine optimization (SEO), you could believe that you will be able to use the same article and submit it to several directories. This, however, is not necessarily the case. Not only is this not as powerful as posting distinctive articles to different article directories, but the majority of directories separate out duplicate content and won't allow you to submit an article that has been submitted in another directory. To make sure that you submit articles that will be published, you will have to be creative with your article writing}.

As you compose your articles, it is imperative to include keywords that the average person is expected to look for whenever they're searching for the information that is included in your article. Picking out two to three keywords and including them a few times in your article, depending on the length, should be ample. If, for instance, the web site that you are optimizing is an internet site that distributes used car parts, you could submit an article about the cost rewards of employing used car parts rather than purchasing new. You may decide to use keywords and phrases like "used car parts," "car repair," and "work on your own automobile." If your article is well composed, informs your potential audience, and includes the keywords in suitable number and positioning, it has a smashing chance of being listed highly in search engine results.

This principle should be employed when submitting articles for SEO. Rather than submitting the precise same article to additional article directories, you are able to improve the potency of your tactic by somewhat altering the keywords in each different article. If we apply the preceding illustration, your subsequent submission could focus on "import car repair" and "foreign car parts." By posting articles with various keywords, you step-up the chances that people using somewhat differing search strings will find your articles. It also assures that your articles will not be disapproved for being duplicate content.

It is imperative to bear in mind that articles are worthless if no one desires to read them. Because of this, your focus whilst composing articles had better not only be on search engine optimization, but on your potential reader also. High calibre articles with absorbing content are in all likelihood to be distributed via social networking sites, among the most powerful tools in the search engine optimization battle. Whenever an individual recommends an article to five of their acquaintances, and each of those friends recommends to five others, and so forth, you are able to get an enormous number of visitors to your articles. If your article is evidently written only for search engine optimization, however, no one will prefer to read or recommend it, resulting in no visitors to your website or articles. The inclusion of keywords and phrases in your articles had better not make them sound robotic or unnatural. You had better only submit articles that are attention-getting and that you'd in all likelihood read. If you do not prefer to read your own articles, why should anybody else?

In conclusion: hold out the urge to submit articles that are keyword laden and of inferior quality. Concentrate on the audience, not the search engine optimization, and you'll be a great deal more successful. Visit Steve's website for a more detailed review on high quality inexpensive article submission programs.

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