Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Professional Tricks to Draw Quality Visitors

by Alex Knight

It Is no big secret that cyberspace is overloaded with all kinds of detailed guides that claim to support you to increase quality visitors to your site. To tell the truth, these types of bibles are all either unelaborated or out-of-date. What is more, most of these guides have tricks that can get you in huge trouble with search engines and other authorities on internet. Wouldn't you like to pull quality traffic to your website - quality traffic that will last the trial of time? The important thing here is 'trial of time'. You wouldn't want a traffic building plan that is plainly a flash in the pan.

IMPORTANT THINGS FIRST Prior to speeding out and shouting out your site URL to the entire universe, you should spend time establishing your website in a right manner. It is better to not even consider pulling in traffic to your website if it has any empty web pages, broken links or shabby design. Even though it can be tough to stay patient while your web site is approaching completion, holding on to your horses can be really remunerative in the long run. You can set about flooding your web site with quality traffic once all its features are complete.

SEARCH ENGINES Although internet world is flooded with web sites that claim to be effective search engines, there are only a handful of websites for instance Google, Yahoo etc. that you should work on. To be honest you need not even submit your web site to the search engines - the most dependable search engines will discover it themselves as your web site's link popularity will increase with time and sweat. It is advisable that you keep a distance from services that promise maximizing your web site's link popularity in exchange of payment as you'll merely wind up blowing your money. If any person suggests differently, you can assume that either s/he has less understanding about the discipline or is searching for a window to sell you some product or service.

DIRECTORIES The first step to construct a dependable foundation for continuous quality traffic to your site is submitting it to reputable directories. Submitting your web site to dependable directories will gradually increase the incoming links to your website, amount of traffic and page rank of your website. Many directories charge a minimal fee, usually a one-time fee for listing. Undermentioned is the list of certain important directories to get your website listed in: - The ODP Submitting a website to is free of cost and is one of the most effective to have a site listed in. It's important that you go through their guidelines prior to getting your website submitted to them. Prospective listings with are examined by a full-time editor and it can take weeks or even months for obtaining an approval. Please do not feel demoralized due to the time factor. Having your site listed with is worth waiting. Having your website listed with Yahoo will cost you $299 per annum. Quite apparently the cost is an important factor here and would make everyone have second thoughts about this option. Online entrepreneurs have had mixed experiences in case of listings with The most effective method to estimate your ROI in is to analyze the section where your site will get listed in all likelihood and the amount of competition in that segment. This is a business directory of Microsoft and without doubt will be a productive investment for your web site. The submission fee cost $50 when I examined their service last. The payment covers listing and utilization of their service for tuning the internet sites. The tuning service analyzes and evaluates webpages on your web site. After evaluation, it intimates you if your web site is fit for submission, or it consists of issues for example over/under optimization, spam etc. This function can even help you in optimizing your site's pages for unique key phrases or keywords. is a standard World Wide Web directory and is fit for any kind of internet site. It's brilliant page rank and link popularity establishes it as a favourite among many web site owners. Same as several other directory submission websites, you should pay attention to the terms, conditions and guidelines of as well. The listing fee to this directory is $40. This one is another great directory to get a site submitted to. GoGuides is crawled by bots everyday, therefore giving it an edge over many others. Listing charge for GoGuides is $40. This directory is a fairly comprehensive directory with a popular theme. Just like, listings with Wowdirectory are absolutely free, but approvals can take a very long time. Nevertheless, you can take advantage of their express listing service which assures a site submission in a time span of 1 day.

World Wide Web is full of various other great directories, nevertheless, the ones elaborated above are the essential and most advisable ones. Regardless of you being willing to spend on listings or not, with passage of time, your site will begin getting featured in nearly all the reputed search engines. In fact, a great number of internet directories who charge for listings have adopted a policy similar to Yahoo, which charges a fee for evaluation of web sites only. Therefore you can avail that facility too. It is recommended that you go through the web directories' rules and regulations in order to make sure that your website receives approval and acceptance.

ARTICLES A great trick to get quality traffic and back links to your site is drafting top-notch articles and submitting them to various article directories. This is how it all works:

1. You draft an easy-to-read and explanatory article. 2. You submit your article to several article directories that are meant for site owners needing neat content for their web sites. 3. Web site administrators/owners collect your article/s holding the backlink to your web site for publishing on their own websites.

As elaborated above, the complete process is very simple. The website proprietors who publish your article on their sites provide you an absolutely free back link to your own website. Such regular showcasing of your write-up on other peoples' sites leads to nonstop development of inbound links from web sites all over the internet. All of these backlinks will be generated with only a one-time hard work of drafting and listing the article. This process can be delegated as well. All these inward links will not just offer quality traffic, but will build the credibility of your site search engines' viewpoint also, securing improved rating on search engines.

The article should be scripted well in order to receive acceptance from article directories and then picked up by web administrators for republishing. Some web site owners neglect this critical advise and find themselves in troubles related to acceptance of their articles. In case you're one among such website owners, it is time you do something - visit Jason A. Martin's website now and mouse click on the link titled 'Articles for your web site'. With the support of this facility, you can have as many new write-ups generated as you may need - all with comprehensive copyrights and at a very minimal price. After you collect your batch of articles, all you will need to do is put your name on them and start submitting them to numerous article directories for example,, etc.

Listing of articles with numerous article directories is possibly one of the most meaningful steps you need to take once your article is written. Many online entrepreneurs merely pick articles from other internet sources and try to rehash them personally. Consequently such articles are rejected by article directories due to absence of correct writing style and on some occasions plagiarism issues too. Even though few article directories may even slightly edit and approve your write-ups, it is by and large urged to have them written from experts who are well aware of their business.

TEXT LINKS The use of this kind of method is to increase the amount of links pointing from associated websites to your own site. For instance, if your online enterprise is related to selling hot dogs, it's advisable to get backlinks on associated websites that are about subjects like: fast food, hot dogs, hot dog sausages, hot dog toppings, hot dog contests etc. Receiving a link on a website about cookies will not benefit you much. To be honest, it may even hurt your website's chances to go up in the search engine rankings.

Once you've found out all types of keyphrases/keywords pertinent to your topic, you should open your preferred search engine and look up the top 20 sites that show up for your most preferred keyphrases and keywords. Then, you should attempt filtering out the websites where you can obtain a link to your own site. Some of these premium web sites may not provide one-way backlinks from their webpages and might ask you to exchange links. In that case you'll be asked to put a link pointing to their web site on your own. Few might provide a backlink upon payment of a minimal charge. Some of them might even snub you upfront. Do not lose heart and keep moving on with the process of building backlinks.

IN THE END By concluding these processes successfully, you will offer your website a healthy groundwork in relation to rankings on search engines. Irrespective of to what extent the search engine algorithms modify in the time to come, your site will constantly be in great stead. I extend an invitation to you to visit and join me to discuss contrasting strategies to enhance your ad copy, advance your online business concern/site and lots more. Forever remember that your web site is your pride and you should never let it down by not allowing it all tools and avenues to evolve in the world wide web. You might come across different bad ways to advertise you website also, whenever this happens, remember that what goes around comes around one fine day. Wishing you all the best!

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Alex Knight is an Internet Marketing Professional. A specialist in online media with over 8 years experience of creating targeted web traffic. He is always pushing to exceed expectations.