Monday, June 14, 2010

Indexing Your New Website Before Launching Your Internet Business

by Gerard Mohamed

Most of the articles on search engine optimization (SEO) will tell you what, and how to optimize your site after you have launched. The persons dealing with how to prepare for your site launch will focus mostly on meta tags and keywords. There will be almost nothing that tells you of the benefits that you can derive if you indexed your site before you launch it.

If you have various indexed sites with links pointing to your own site, your indexing within the three big search engines will occur more rapidly and more easily. This is a result of when those sites are spidered, your link will come up in their index and give you an early presence within the online community.

In order to ensure that your site derives the full benefits of back linking to high page rank sites, consider applying the following five steps at least a month before your site launch.

1. Register your domain name.

Registering your domain even before its launch will give you an opportunity to get some quality links pointing towards your domain before hand. Most of the people do leave domain registration to the last moment and this becomes a lost opportunity.

2. Put up an announcer.

As a pre-launch activity you can put up an announcer of your impending launch. The announcer page should preferably contain full details of your site, including the expected launch date. You can even add a form to the page to enable people to sign up. This activity alone will be able to generate many visitors that will add to your list of customers.

3. Submit articles to directories.

Irrespective of what product or service you are marketing, there must be something to write about it. You can write articles related to your site and submit them to various directories with a link back to your site within the resource box. The link will be picked up by the search engine robots and this will assist with your indexing

4. Start a blog.

By using any of the blog platforms you can start a blog, but ensure that it is hosted on your site. Alternatively, you can use some of the free blog platforms as long as you ensure that the title, description and keywords are similar to your main site. Include a comprehensive summary of your site telling the visitor what to expect when it is launched and how it is going to help them.

Having posted your blog sign up for a Feedburner account, and a pinging service, which will inform blogging directories of your new blog. There is a tendency these days to have more than one blog pointing to your main site, as this raises your profile in the eyes of the search engine robots.

5.Link to a high page rank indexed site. There are many high page rank sites (PR3 to PR7) from which you can get links. What comes to mind immediately are document sharing and social networking platforms like Youtube and Facebook

It should be quite obvious that there are distinct advantages attached to getting your site indexed before the launch. As an online marketer, you need to stay ahead of the game all the time, as the rules of the industry are constantly changing.

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