Monday, June 28, 2010

Designing an Efficient Landing Page

by Jesse Kemmerer

Affiliate marketing can be a very challenging and competitive market due to its popularity on the Internet. Part of designing an affiliate marketing campaign that produces profits is knowing how to craft a landing page that delivers results.

If you want to make money over the long term with affiliate marketing it is necessary to set up a campaign with a landing page instead of simply sending your prospects to the affiliate product site. By designing an effective landing page you can develop a lasting relationship with your clients and an income for the long term. Here are a few tips on how to design a landing page that delivers results and provides you with a good Return on Investment (ROI).

Follow Through with Keywords

When you plan your landing page make sure the plan includes strategic use of keywords that your prospects used to find you. These are keywords that you found in your research and used in the advertisements your prospects clicked on to arrive on your landing page.

Deliver What the Ad Promises

Plan the content for your landing page so it delivers what was promised in the advertisement or other promotion you used to drive visitors to your site. The landing page should be a continuance of what the visitor read in the promotion. On the average you have about 7 seconds to capture your visitor's attention so make sure the information is clear as soon as your visitor arrives on the page.

Tip: Make sure that you send your visitors directly to the page that contains the offer instead of the home page of your website where they have to search for the correct page.

Stay Laser Focused

Present the offer in an easy to understand format and clearly discuss the product or service that was offered in the promotion. Start the content with a story about yourself to create a rapport with the reader and then state facts about the product. Follow up the facts with the benefits and include any testimonials if you have them.

Avoid being to "salesy" with your landing page copy. As a general rule, people are turned off by sales hype and they will begin to wonder if they can really trust you so be genuine throughout the content. Instead, offer quality information about the product and back up every claim with hard facts.

Keep focusing on the offer throughout the page and include a call to action that clearly states what you want your visitor to do. Stay laser focused throughout and avoid placing any distractions on the page such as flashing banners or advertisements that will lead your visitor away from the page.

Design the Content for Online Reading

When people read content on the Internet they read it much differently than they read a book. Internet surfers tend to be scanners and they will scan the copy to find the information that is of interest.

When you design your landing page copy break it up into sections with headings, bullets, and numbering, and anything else that breaks up the text and makes it easier to read and to scan. Most of your visitors will pick out the information they want to read and only a small number will read the entire copy.

Where to Place Important Information

The most important information that you would like the reader to see should be placed above the fold of the landing page. This is the section of the web page that appears in your browser window before you scroll down the page.

All of the key points from the advertisement should be placed above the fold so that your reader knows that they landed on the correct page. You should also place product benefits in this location and a place where your visitors can opt-in to your mailing list if they are not ready to buy.

Create a Clear Path

The landing page should provide a clear path to the sale by getting to the point, offering quality information, encouraging a decision, and then leading the visitor to take action. Leave all of the bells and whistles off the page and use a simple professional design that allows your visitor to concentrate on the offer.

If you use some of these steps you will find that your page will convert to more sales. It is important to note that after you launch your page it is important to use a website analysis tool to track what your visitors are doing so you can make any necessary improvements to help the page deliver improved results.

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