Monday, June 7, 2010

Choosing The Right Video Keyword Tags Is Critcal For Article To Video Conversions!

by Mark Fleagle

One of the most overlooked video tab at YouTube is the video tag. This tag is actually YouTube's version of what we all commonly understand as the keyword meta-tag. You can use up to 120 characters in you video keyword tags. Which ends up to approximately 15 to 20 tags. Here's what YouTube says about video keyword tags: "Enter as many tags as you'd like into the tags field" For example a video about using a article to video converter, might have for example tags like article to video, video marketing tools, article converter, video from article, and newspaper articles on video YouTube users who are interested is creating videos from their existing written articles could search these terms and would find your video in the search results. .When you are using our article information a good video marketing tip that will save you a lot of time is using a article converter program.

Here's what YouTube has to say in it's video toolbox: "when you upload video, we require you choose at least one category and enter at least one tag to describe the content in your video. Adding this information helps other YouTube members find your video, so if you want an audience, help them out!

The more accurate the tags are on each video, the easier it is for everyone to find cool videos to watch. Make your tags as descriptive as you can - if you took a video of your friends at the beach, you might want to tag it like this: part beach surfing. Each tag is separated from the others by a space."

Video keyword tags are very helpful to other YouTube users after you upload them because they make it easier for members to find your video. One thing I want to stress though is that currently YouTube's video key word tags are based on just single words, not keyword phrases. This is different from standard webpage keyword meta tags. This sometimes gets confusing and the tags you enter sometimes creates a bad connection between your video and your tags, so be careful and try to use single words that describe the content of your video. The video tag or video keyword tag actually originated at the more popular social book marking sites such as Delicious. .Please use our article information if you plan on doing some article video marketing using an article converter.

Also , You can always go back and change the keyword tags for your video at YouTube at anytime. So if the tags you first choose are not working just go to your YouTube account and change your tags and try again. Trial and error will always be a part of any online marketing effort whether is video marketing or any other marketing media. .Using our detailed article information is very important if you plan on creating news article videos. To save a lot of time you could use an article to video converter software package.

I have had a great time writing this article we hope you enjoyed our information about newspaper articles on video. Have a great day and the the best of luck to you on converting your articles to video!

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