Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Avoiding the common mistakes associated with web templates

by Stephanie Ly

The Internet is a great place for web designers and programmers to use their creativity to design outstanding (and not so outstanding) work, such as graphics, layout designs and completed web templates. They can then showcase their work to webmasters who are in need of such work. As a result the sharing of web templates is now a very popular niche in the online world. The best thing about them is that they are usually free or sold at an affordable price. Not only that but they benefit the webmaster greatly by saving them time and effort during the building stage of the website. However, there are some common mistakes webmasters can still be make when using website templates and here are some tips to help avoid them.

The number one problem with using a website template is their popular use. Most website owners choose a template that is already very popular and this can leave their website look like everyone else's, lacking originality and uniqueness in the eyes of their visitors. The result would be poor credibility and trust from these people. A popular template if used should have an added touch of personality from the website owner. For example, changing some of the images, logo, and title would help make the website differ to those using the same template.

Although it is advised that a little personal touch should be made to the web template, such action can sometimes lead to another problem - too much customisation. People use template for 2 reasons. It saves them time and it saves them effort. Problem is though some people can go become obsessed about customising their website to look different that the end result is a totally different website. Although this is a good point, website owners end up spending much more time and effort in changing all the little details in the template that they forget why they wanted to build a website in the first place.

In addition, customising the web template may also open up other issues that can take up even more time. One of these is the flexibility to change the layout of the template. Most of the graphics that come with web templates have set dimensions and look good the way they are. Increasing or decreasing the size of the image, for example, may cause the template to change its looks completely and thus leaving more work for the website owner to fix up.

If you are going to use a web template for your website avoid using the very popular ones. You can purchase a premium template instead of using a free template as this would assure you that not many people would have access to it. Or you can still choose a popular template but you need to alter the template slightly to make it more original. Changing the logo, title, images and basic layout would be sufficient enough for a unique look. Try not to spend too much time and effort customising your website and focus on the real part of your website - the content.

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