Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How to Market a New Website

by Derek Rogers

New websites are popping up all around the web with many talented designers finally uploading their web pages to many free and paid hosting solutions. With these pages being distributed to the worldwide network of sites, it is time to start marketing the website so that others can see the fantastic work that you did.

Marketing the new website is a time-consuming task if you want thousands of people visiting every day, but you can always do the marketing little by little as continuous traffic will only lead to your website growing more popular in the search engines. Here are some ways to market any website no matter what the content is.

Tell your Friends

It is good to start spreading the word to your friends first because they should be very easy to contact. You can contact them via instant messaging or log in to your favourite social networking website, so all of your contacts can check out the new website. This is also good because you can get their friendly feedback so you can make some adjustments that the people in the future will like.

Post your URL in your social networking profile or as part of a status update to gain a little exposure. You can also post it in other people's profile pages if a function exists so it gains even more attention allowing 2nd or 3rd degree friends to visit it. If you are lucky, your friends might help you market your website simply through word of mouth.

Blog or Write About It

Setting up a blog section in your website is a great way to easily update your website with fresh content. Keep the content updated and search engines will crawl on your site more often; especially if you observe search engine optimisation techniques. If a blog section doesn't suit the site, you can always write articles about the website or regarding any topics that may be related to the website. You can post these articles in article directories along with a link back to your site so you get more search engine coverage and any visitors of that directory may check out your article if the header is attractive.

Share it with other People that may be Interested

Now that you accomplished the two easy avenues in getting traffic, you can start spreading your website even further by sharing it with other people that you think may be interested with the site. Check out forums that allow signature advertising and join in with the discussions after setting your website address or linked banner image as your signature. If your new website is selling products or services, you can also post in the many classified ad sites available online. Try social bookmarking sites as well since search engines crawl often there as well.

There are many efficient and effective ways to market a new website, but these methods are recommended simply because they are free advertising methods. Paid advertising methods will produce even more traffic once you have the advertising budget. Over time, visitors will be pouring all over your website.

About the Author

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For the very best professional Digital Marketing Company he recommends Winchester-based Studio Republic.