Monday, March 22, 2010

How to Build a Flash Website through Dreamweaver

by Ewen Chia

If creating a regular website requires patience, expect that if you make a flash website, it needs more patience. Though this can sound similar to creating just like any other website, the process on how to build a flash website is different. In fact, when you successfully created a website, it does not mean that you can successfully make a flash website too.

Though this is often the case, it does not take to be a professional before one can actually do this kind of website. You can still make this project by yourself easily especially with the use of Dreamweaver. This program enables you to get Flash FLV, which you can display in your website. To help you on how to do it, here are some useful steps on building a flash website through Dreamweaver:

1. Select the site. The very first thing you have to do to get started in Dreamweaver is to select the specific site in where you wish to create your project. After determining this, you can proceed and click the Advanced Tab button.

2. Fill the site name and local root folder. After clicking the button, you will be required to fill out necessary information. Enter your site name, which will serve as your path name on the actual webpage.

3. Enter the URL name. The URL name you are about to enter here is basically the domain name of your website. Afterwards, you need to specify where in the directory you wish the flash image to appear. Then, you can click the OK button after.

4. Choose the file. In this step on how to build a flash website, you can now select the flash file you wish to add on your webpage. Then, you need to position the cursor inside your webpage. After this, you can select insert>media>FLV button. As a result, you can automatically see another window popping up on your current screen. In there, you need to browse and look for the FLV file that you wish to enter on that particular webpage.

5. Click Detect Size. After following the above steps, you will be given the option to click either "Detect Size" or Prompt users to download flash player." Don't choose the latter right away. Make sure that you select the "Detect Size" first. Next, you can set the settings into default mode in the Options Menu and then click OK. Right away, you will see that Dreamweaver will automatically start inserting and writing the appropriate codes for the webpage you have chosen.

6. Insert the files and codes in the web server. Once the codes are finally written, you can enter them in the server. Then, you can point the browser to the specific URL. To check if the creation is successful, the Flash file must display right away on the site after inputting all the codes.

Through Dreamweaver, your question on how to build a flash website quickly and easily is finally made possible. Plus, you can have the bonus of making this project less expensive or even free because of your diy project.

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