Monday, February 15, 2010

LinkedIn-Who Knew You Could Generate Leads There?

by Syvella Brantley

Are you a member of LinkedIn, and you want to know what are the effective LinkedIn marketing strategies that you can use to maximize your membership? Have you been into network for a while or are you a newbie to the industry? Is the generation of leads that will express interest in your business or product a major concern for you?

If your answer to the above questions is, yes, then this is the article for you. Below you will get 4 great tips that are going to assist you with maximizing your membership with LinkedIn so that you can generate the quality leads you need.

Tip 1. Present yourself well in LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a network of professionals who have the desire to connect with people with the same interests as they have and be able to create and sustain some forms of business or professional relationships. Therefore, the way you present yourself is imperative to your success on LinkedIn. The choice of your photo is crucial to determining the kind of person you are; make sure you use a professional looking photo and not one that shows you sipping on a drink. You have to make sure that you are presenting yourself as decent, professional and business-minded person. This is the first important step for generating leads with LinkedIn.

Tip 2. Join LinkedIn Groups and Participate. If you are new in LinkedIn, you can start joining the groups that interest you. Since your concern is lead generation, you might want to join well attended groups on network marketing, affiliate marketing and other similar groups, with at least 10,000 members. You can start with posting comments on articles and later on, you can start with posting your own informative and educational articles highlighting the benefits of your product or service without necessarily selling it. Make your connections with those who will make comments on your articles and build relationships. But, you should take caution in doing this, because you might be overwhelmed to invite them to join you that you will end up losing them. Do it at the right time and with the high level of relationship that you already have established, and generating leads with LinkedIn will be easy.

Tip 3. Maintain your Presence. A sustained relationship with your connections will only be possible if you are a consistent member of the group. With your presence, your connection will grow and the possibility of increasing your leads will be high. Invest some time for this everyday and you will find yourself succeeding.

Tip 4. Write Articles that Will Attract People's Attention. You can post articles that will catch the group's attention. You can start with writing 1 or 2 a week and post them in all the groups that you are a member of. Connect with these people but you have to get their permission before inviting them. This, aside from showing your professionalism, will be helpful in communicating respect to other people. This is one of the most effective LinkedIn marketing strategies to let people know your product or service.

When you start applying the four simple tips presented above, you will surely see that your prospects are not limited to the people you know, like your friends, colleagues, or family members. With your faithful and consistent use of LinkedIn, people will start seeing you as a great testimony of a successful marketer and the results that you will get will be more than what you expect!

About the Author

Syvella Brantley is an expert on Social Media marketing and will happy to share with some additional training on generating leads on LinkedIn. Visit Syvella's Internet Marketing Blog for more details.