Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Internet Marketing Video Conversion Rates Higher Than Written Content

by Selva Sugunendran

Considering the strict and fiery competitions in the online business industry, it is almost impossible to get a good conversion of simple viewers to actual customers. Getting leads out of texts and images on your site may not be as productive as most would think since the online masses today are quite hard to convince.

Business Now Using Videos

If you check out business-related websites on the Internet, you will see that most of them are going out of their way to integrate videos and animations as a strategy for better conversions. According to recent studies, a majority of the online populace tends to look for videos rather than text content for information. After all, videos provide a more convenient way to learn than reading tons of texts crammed in a single page.

Internet marketers noticed that video conversion from simple viewers to customers have increased upon integrating Web Video Marketing on their websites rather than making do with simple texts and images as content. People who are looking for a specific product or service would be more than willing to look at its features and benefits in a video rather than reading it online in random sites. Not only that, video marketing makes it easy for viewers to know your product, showing how it is used and its potential benefits, offers a surefire way in turning them into buyers.

Text versus Videos

According to experts, video conversions rate higher than actual text content; studies shows that leads are much higher compared to putting up their business information online as texts. The reason is simple, videos offers an environment to educate your visitors without having to spend hours reading written content. They can just sit back and relax as the video plays to teach them what the business is and how your product works. They can also see firsthand the actual use of your product rather than getting the information out of a manual or instructions on your site.

Putting Your Visitors Needs First

Your viewers will think that you are very concerned with their welfare that you put up a video rather than letting them get the information out from reading texts. This might not mean much to you, but it would mean a lot of your visitors. To put it simply, simplifying their means of getting the information is putting their needs first than concentrating on profit -- which, in truth, targets both.

Improve Your Visitor-to-Lead Conversion Using Videos

If you want to rake in the profit through video conversions then you need to plan for it carefully to make the most out of this marketing strategy. The video should provide complete information about your business, its products and services, as well as the benefits of your offers to your customers.

Starting a Video Marketing is simple and does not require high-end equipments or state-of-the-art effects just to turn visitors into leads. The gist here is to provide them with simple, easy-to-understand information that they can easily digest and know the benefits in making use of your products and services. Begin with a simple planning that includes the incorporation of a detailed script that contains the information of your business, specifications of your products and services, benefits of your offers, as well as some instructions on how to utilize it properly. Close your video with a few lines that detail your contact information and how your customers can get in touch with you for inquiry and purchase.

Implementing Your Videos Online

There are plenty of ways to make your videos accessible to the online public. Upload them over to your own Web server and implement it on your site. You can also use public video upload sites so people can look it up and stream. There are also some social networking sites that offer a feature where you can post a video on your profile that is readily accessible to everyone in the community.

Just make sure that you give your videos a good online coverage by uploading them with tags, a good title with keywords, and well-placed links on different advertisement sites related to your business, on Web directories, and so on. The more people who have access to your videos, the better the conversion rate would be for the success of your online business.

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