Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How To Create High Quality Landing Pages For Google Adwords

by Trish Thackston

Google Adwords can be as complicated and complex as you want it to be. If you are like me and prefer to keep things simple then do this...deliver what your ad promises. Whether you are trying to set up your first campaign or trying to optimize your campaign to lower your bid price and increase conversions, optimizing your landing page is always time well spent.

Too many Google Adwords marketers spend their time on keywords and ads, and leave the landing page out of the equation. Doing so can leave marketers scratching their heads when their cost per click remains high and conversions remain low. Despite all of the complicated theories about how to succeed with Google Adwords, it comes to this one fact: Google rewards or punishes its advertisers based on how well they solve the problem that Google's searcher has. If your ad says "Learn Guitar In 2 Days" then the content on your landing page better have them playing like Eddie Van Halen within 48 hours. Anything short of that will, sooner or later, result in a Google "slap" where your impressions from Google Adwords are severely reduced or cut off altogether.

The following are seven elements for landing pages that Google Adwords will love (and will convert like crazy!):

1) Deliver on the promise of your ad - As I said before, this is the biggest key to success. If you solve the searcher's problem/issue, you win. If your searcher clicks off of your page and begins another search, Google tracks it and penalizes you. Google rewards sites that deliver with lower costs and increased impressions.

2) Make your page original - Unlike in the past, mass produced "replicated sites" no longer work. Google values giving their searchers unique and high quality information. Mass produced site, with their duplicate content, was watering down Google's search results so they put an end to their use by penalizing advertisers that used them. Your landing page is your chance to "wow" your visitor. Make it count by making your landing page unique, novel and personal. Google will reward you for ending a search on your landing page by lowering your cost per click and increasing your number of impressions.

2) One page does not fit all - You have just seconds to draw your visitor in. Be sure the top of your page matches the ad they clicked on. This is where, as good marketer, you can really excel. Maximize your conversions across all ads by creating a landing page for each ad. This mainly involves customizing the top portion of the page. The rest of the page can remain the same for all pages.

3) Get to the point - The perfect length of your landing page is exactly as long as it takes to succinctly and effectively convey your message. No more, no less. Grammar counts! Leave the misspellings and bad punctuation for the amateurs.

4) Have a goal in mind for your visitors - Are you trying to make a sale or get a lead? Have a goal in mind before creating your page and write your copy to lead them to that conclusion. Focus on one goal per page.

5) Increase conversions with a bonus - Everyone responds to "Free." Adding a bonus to sweeten the deal will increase conversions. Information products work great and they don't cost you anything.

6) Credibility counts - You are an experienced, successful business person. Your page should convey that. Graphics should augment your page copy, not compete with it. Leaving white space on your page is a good thing. Also, do not set any audio or video on your site to launch automatically. Your page should be welcoming without looking like a Vegas billboard.

7) Be trustworthy - Trust is a huge issue online. Anything you can do to be transparent is a plus. For example, are you a member of the Better Business Bureau? Put your member logo on your page! Same for site security certifications. Also, let your visitors know a little bit about you. Nothing really personal but you want your readers to feel like you are a real person.

This can seem like a lot to remember until you understand that all of these tips boil down to being a real and genuine person online. With billions of pages of content to wade through, people crave quality and trustworthy professionals to do business with. When you think about it, Google Adwords requirements are very straight forward. Be a professional and deliver on your promise, the same as in any other kind of business. Just these two simple things will give you a huge advantage over the competition.

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