Wednesday, February 3, 2010

All you wanted to know about Talking Web Presenters

by Vlad P

Talking web presenters or web hosts is a new and interactive way of introducing your webpage to your viewers. With millions of sites jostling for recognition on the Internet, you will need a special edge to ensure that your visitors get interested in your products - the talking web presenters can do just that for you.

What are talking web presenters?

A talking web host is a real person on your website who will engage your viewers while they browse though your site. The presenter will direct the viewers through your website, thus making the browsing experience lively and fun!

You can choose your own web presenter from an array of presenters coming from various ethnic backgrounds and social status. Once you have decided upon a presenter who can best represent the product that you have to offer, you will need to come up with a script.

This script can be prepared by you, or the Web Presenting Company may help you with the preparation of the script. However, you will usually be charged extra for the preparation of the script from scratch. The professional web presenters are trained to present your website just the way you want them to.

How do add a Web Presenter to website

Web presenters are incorporated into your website by dedicated web presenting companies. These companies will usually have a full range of facilities to help you develop the perfect web presenter for your site. The facilities include green screen shooting, teleprompting and a highly professional crew. The technology merges Flash with high definition video, in order to create the ultimate web host for your homepage.

The web presenting company will then give you a secure line of code that you will have to add to your site. Usually, to ensure fast upload of the site, along with the talking web host, the company will offer you the facility of hosting the videos on their own server - this will ensure a faster and more fulfilling experience for your viewers.

What are the advantages of a talking web host?

Since a real person is hosting your site, it captures the attention of your viewers. It has been proved that your potential clients will spend more time on your web site if they are introduced to the site by a web host. This traffic ultimately results in real sales.

The talking web hosting in your site also results in a higher search engine ranking. It aids your viewers to navigate though the site, thus making the experience effortless. The web host will automatically give the product information to your viewers, so they are satisfied with the information. You can position the web host anywhere in the site and you can create a dramatic effect by choosing to let the web presenter enter the site in such a way that it catches the attention of the viewers. They can jump onto the page, walk into it, or maybe even pull themselves onto the page.

A talking web presenter is indeed a great idea, as this is sure to make a great impact on your business and on your sales. The flexibility and the interactive aspect of this web hosting make it even more attractive because you can choose to host the web site yourself too.

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