Monday, January 11, 2010

Why Using Adsense Makes Perfect Sense For Your Internet Business

by Anthony Wong

It may be surprising to know that Google makes most of its turnover from advertising, a majority of which is made from other businesses putting ads up on their search result pages. This is all managed and processed via the Google program AdWords where the company charges varying amounts of money each time someone clicks on the ad a company puts up, and you can get in on benefiting from these charges. You do this by displaying these same adverts on your own site, and they (Google) then pay you a percentage of what they earn. This program is called Google AdSense.

If you own a website you should think about implementing AdSense. Most people think that to make money on the internet you have to sell something. What makes Adsense great is that even if you don't sell or promote products or services on your site, you can still make some money.

It was common practice in the past, for websites to feature banner advertising in an attempt to make some extra money. The problem with these is that they tend to be ugly and irrelevant and most visitors to your site will just ignore them. Another issue is that to get paid by the company (the banner belongs to you) the visitor needs to purchase or sign up for the actual product or service.

With AdSense the adverts Google displays on your site are contextual, meaning that the adverts will be relevant to your website's content. Also, the best thing about AdSense is that visitors do not have to buy or signup for anything in relation to the adverts in order for you to receive a commission. All they have to do is click on one of the ads. The money you make per advert clicked is dependent on the ad, though it has been proven that some people make a full-time income just using AdSense!

Also an advantage is that when setup correctly, the ads displayed are simple text that blend in amongst your site's content. Site visitors tend to presume that these ads are a part of the content and so there is a higher chance they will click on them because it matches the content. Knowing now that you can make good money with AdSense, naturally you want to position yourself to fully capitalize on it. Here are some tips to making good money from Adsense:

1. Create a website with your own domain. If possible do not use a free web host as this will not give you as much choice in the appearance of your website and where your ads can be displayed. Using your own domain allows you to create something catchy and memorable as opposed to a long winded one that a free host will give you.

2. If the primary goal of your site is to make money with AdSense, be sure to choose a topic that you know a lot or can easily find a lot about. By doing this, you can create mass amounts of content which will go on your site and keep updating your site which Search Engines pay attention to.

different topics or interests that do not relate to each other. You want your site to have an obvious and user friendly theme which all links in nicely. Avoid just copying content from other websites and pasting it on yours, as Search Engines look for unique content and rank it higher.

4. Get traffic. The most crucial step to make any online business successful. After establishing your website online, I recommend you learn some specific techniques which will help you rank higher on the search engines in a shorter period of time.

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