Monday, January 18, 2010

Organize Your Way to Affiliate Marketing Profits

by Dave Cooper

Six months in affiliate marketing is a really a very short time. If this is true, how in the world in six months time did you find yourself dealing with so many different tasks on a daily basis? Maybe you are involved with many different affiliate programs? You may be managing several websites or sub-domains. Perhaps, you have multiple affiliate marketing email lists you are keeping in touch with. I'm betting you are contacting lots of potential merchants and advertising partners. Wow! This affiliate marketing stuff is hectic.

With so many tasks to accomplish, many affiliate marketers find that their whole affiliate marketing system is starting to look a bit chaotic. Okay, a lot chaotic. It is in this chaos where many affiliate marketers find they are failing and decide to call it quits. It isn't time to quit, it's time to re-take your Organizational territory!

It is without a doubt one of the least glamorous aspects of affiliate marketing. Getting and staying organized is extremely important to any aspiring affiliate marketer. You must have the foresight to create a system, an organized system! This system that you create may not work for anyone else on this planet. It doesn't have to. It only needs to work well for you. I promise you that you will thank yourself many times over for creating an organized environment that you can thrive in when your affiliate marketing business starts expanding.

Here are some of the things that you will avoid by establishing an organized system for your affiliate marketing business.

Losing passwords and email addresses - Has this ever happened to you? Of course it has, it happens to almost every affiliate marketer. At one time or another we all lose or misplace passwords and email addresses that we really, really need! You can avoid losing passwords and addresses if you create a system that has a retrieval method which is easy to remember and follow. Try keeping a simple text document of all of your most important passwords and email addresses. I promise you the few seconds it takes to document this information now will save you a huge headache in the future.

Losing track of day to day activity - It is easy for an affiliate marketer to keep track of his daily business activities if he has a system that will allow him to record such activities in a convenient, rapid, but accurate manner. Create a daily activity plan. Write it down. Do certain activities on certain days of the week. Get a daily planner and write down the things you want to accomplish that day. Don't try to do it all every day.

Mixing records of several affiliate programs - You really need to keep each and every one of the programs you are promoting separate. You don't want to mix your records. Again, you need a system of organizing the information you have accumulated for each affiliate program you are an affiliate for. Keep the information you have accumulated for each program in a separate folder on your computer. Or create a paper and pencil filing system the old fashioned way. Manila folders anyone?

No exact knowledge of the financial records - Financial records are the backbone of your affiliate marketing business. Record all of your transactions. Some transactions that you will want to include the operating expenses of your business, the amounts of commission checks received, and many other financial entries. The method I recommend for keeping track of your financial records and status is the utilization of a spread sheet. This spread sheet should show daily, weekly, monthly, and annual activities.

All the above suggestions may seem a lot of work, but any seasoned affiliate marketer will tell you that the above suggestions are part and parcel of every successful affiliate marketing business.

What are you waiting for? Get your affiliate marketing system set-up and organized as soon as possible.

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