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Advantages of Dedicated Hosting over Shared Hosting

by Michael Smith

When you launch an online project in the beginning, it is relatively difficult for you to foresee whether it will be a success or a failure, so it is common to start off with a shared web hosting package. A shared web hosting service may have been performing okay for you for a little time, therefore you never thought of migrating to a better plan during that period. Downtime may have been the cause of irritation to you for some time though while you were using the shared hosting service. Unauthorized access to your account may also have been a subject of concern to you, which kept you worried given that you were not pleased with the security on your shared hosting account. However, given the length of time that you have now spent on your website and the capital that you have invested into it, you cannot tolerate to have such a scenario again. Secondly, as the number of users of your site grows over time, other hosting options may need to be considered. 

One option in stepping up to a better web hosting plan may be to sign up for a VPS hosting package. The increased traffic may be sustained by a VPS web hosting solution for some time. However, as the size of your online business grows with the increase in demand for your products, even this may seem to be not enough. This is exactly the point where you may feel that the intense needs of your online project can only be supported by a higher-level web hosting package, i.e. a dedicated server. As a result, a dedicated web hosting service appears to be an attractive and viable option to you, because it can not only keep up your online expansion but can also give that extra functionality and protection needed by your project. 

This article is written with the objective of giving you an idea of what a dedicated web hosting service can do to support your business growth. What follows describes the crucial aspects of dedicated server hosting. 

I. Unshared Server

Dedicated server hosting means that the hosting company rents out a complete server to you, which can then be used as dictated by your individual requirements. A dedicated server offers a definite advantage over a shared server because the system resources are not shared with the other virtual accounts, instead you have full access to the resources plus total control over their usage. 

II. Option to Install Custom Programs

Another advantage is that custom programs may be installed on the server. 

III. Easily Modifiable Access Rights 

In case you have given access to other users to the applications that are installed on the system, they can also use those applications at the same time as you. 

IV. Great for High Traffic Websites

Another argument in support of a dedicated hosting server is that it is ideal for high traffic websites. This is because the included monthly bandwidth is typically uncapped for the great majority of dedicated server plans. 

V. Flexible Customization Options

You are able to customize the server according to your requirements, in addition to installing any custom applications. There are plenty of dedicated server hosting providers out there that give you complete flexibility in regards to the achievable level of customization. 

VI. Flexible Options to Add Extra Features

With a dedicated hosting package, you may choose any of the available features so as to achieve the required configuration. 

VII. A Number of Operating System to Choose from

Since different programs demand different operating environments, one of your first considerations is the choice of the correct OS. Two fundamental OSs namely Microsoft Windows and Linux Red Hat are commonly offered by a great majority of dedicated hosting providers. 

VIII. A Variety of Control Panels to Choose from

As far as the selection of the control panel is concerned, the two most popular brands offered by a huge majority of companies include CPanel and Plesk. Of these, CPanel seems to be more popular than Plesk, although the latter also has a huge customer base because of a variety of functionality offered by it in contrast with the former one. 

IX. Reliable Service
Stability is another key factor behind the popularity of dedicated hosting in comparison with a shared hosting server. Given that your site will be the only site residing on the dedicated server, the responsiveness of your applications will be maximum because you are the lone user of the server. X. Uncapped Bandwidth Results in Much Faster Access

Since no requests are initiating for using the bandwidth other than the server, there is a steady data transfer from the site. A direct effect of this will be that users requesting access to your site through their browsers will be able to view your site almost instantaneously with the shortest possible delay. 

XI. No Security Threats

A dedicated server hosting plan is also well known for its ability to handle any security risks as opposed to a shared hosting server. In the case of a shared hosting server, the accounts of other users may easily get infected if another user deliberately uploads a new virus into its account so as to bring down the web host. This is because the new virus may go undetected by the server antivirus software, with the result that the whole server may become compromised. A dedicated hosting server is able to resolve this issue by offering you the ability to change access rights, along with a dedicated external hardware firewall, both of which can go a long way towards reinforcing the security of the server. Due to this, with a dedicated server, you can enjoy a worry less sound sleep in the night being aware that no one can get access to your server under any circumstances. 

XII. Dedicated IP Address

The availability of a dedicated IP address turns out to be another significant advantage of dedicated server hosting, in that when a visitor tries to access the site, it is identified almost immediately. The availability of a unique IP address with companies offering shared hosting services is relatively limited. Even those who do offer this functionality generally cost more than those who do not. The drawback of a single shared IP address is that the site URL address cannot be identified immediately, instead there is a separate piece of software hosted on the shared server which directs the URL request to the correct partition holding the website. Under normal circumstances, the URL translation operation with a shared IP address takes only a bit more time compared with a dedicated IP address, however it can increase considerably under peak loads. On the other hand, there is no translation software needed in the case of a dedicated hosting server, which results in a much faster access speed. 

XIII. Added Level of Protection for Your Data

Dedicated server hosting is also distinguished from shared server hosting in that it also gives you the option to install extra hard drives on the server. An extra hard drive adds a great deal of redundancy to the system configuration, as it can be used to backup the data on a scheduled basis, apart from the primary storage device. This adds a great deal of safety to your crucial business data and is available only with a dedicated server. One application of the secondary storage medium may be to protect any crucial data your web applications might be generating, such as your client credit card information. Moreover, the dedicated hosting provider may also give you the option of having a backup FTP account, the advantage of which is that you can duplicate critical data on it in parallel with the usage of your regular FTP account. 


We expect you to harness the information presented in this article to your advantage, by making an informed decision to go with the right dedicated hosting provider, which is not only low-cost but also suits your particular requirements. This may not be as hard as it sounds once you have familiarized yourself with all the necessary information presented in this article. To be very frank, there is no hard and fast formula for locating the correct dedicated hosting company in accordance with the user needs, and there are more than one ways to reach the right conclusion. Nevertheless, the important qualities and benefits of dedicated server hosting discussed in this article can go a long way towards the selection of the correct company.


This article is written with the aim of giving the potential clients an idea of when it becomes crucial for them to move to a dedicated hosting platform. It then outlines the defining features of a dedicated server. The presented information is expected to be useful to the potential customer in order to make a well thought-out decision.

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