Monday, January 25, 2010

7 Common Adsense Mistakes Publishers Make That You Should Avoid If You Want To Make Money Online

by Dean James

Contrary to what some may have you believe, making money with Adsense is not rocket science but it does require some good old fashioned work, knowledge and doing things a certain way so you comply with TOS ( Terms of Service ).

Here are 7 common Adsense mistakes that publishers routinely make.

1) Too Many Ad Units - They use too many ad units thinking that 'more is better', but this couldn't be further from the truth. In actual fact having too many ads on your site makes it look spammy and your site actually ends up displaying lower paying ads to your visitors. Definitely not cool.

2) Ads That Scream 'Ad' - Publishers will often use the stock Adsense ad block colors with those green URL's that make many visitors instantly recognise it's an advertisement. They are used to seeing these colors and mentally associate the fact they are an ad. This can adversely affect CTR ( click through rate ).

3) Low Paying Niche - They choose a niche they are passionate about but neglect to do the research on the niche to see if advertisers are actually actively advertising in that niche. If there is little demand, there will be fewer advertisers and they won't have to bid competitively.

4) Lack Of Keyword Research - Doing keyword research is a publishers foundation in building and launching a successful website that is monetized with Adsense. If you don't choose good keywords you are going to be facing an uphill struggle.

5) Content Scarcity - I have lost track of the number of times I've seen a publisher scratching their head as to why they aren't getting relevant ads displayed or the number of visitors they were hoping for. Without a decent amount of content on your site pages, you are not going to be found by searchers that routinely type in all manner of combinations in a search engine to find a website.

6) Images Next To Ads - This is a BIG 'no-no'. Anything that could be misconstrued as influencing a visitor to click on an ad is prohibited by Google. If you are putting images sneakily near to ads you risk not complying with Terms of Service you are bound to as a publisher.

7) Bad On Site Optimisation - This is about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) and making sure your site and its pages are properly optimized so the search engines know what you want to be found for and so that relevant ads are displayed on your sites pages. If your ads aren't relevant to your content, they won't be relevant to your visitors either.

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