Monday, December 7, 2009

Is Paying For Traffic Worthwhile For Your Online Business?

by Michelle Dale

There are an astounding number of near unbelievable success stories about businesses making it to the top through their online business markets. The unfortunate truth is that there may be a thousand businesses which fail for each one that truly makes it big - not an inspiring ratio by any means. People from across the globe launch internet businesses throughout every single day of the year, but only a small number have any real hope for fame and fortune.

Does this amazing success have anything at all to do with luck? That's even more unlikely. It takes an exceptional business sense, a great deal of help, hard work and a sustained team effort at every stage of business development. Most importantly, it's the intense drive to succeed, the willingness to learn and the determination to invest a substantial amount of cold hard cash into the growing enterprise.

A Lesson In Traffic.

Traffic is everything. Without traffic, every other effort is really just a waste of time. Every business has to have customers, because without them, there isn't anyone to sell products or services to. In the world of Internet Marketing, traffic is literally the "walk in customers." The more traffic flowing into your website, the more people will see what you're selling.

But just like any other business that's in a shopping mall, not everyone that wanders into a store will purchase something, but the higher of number of individuals who do come in to look at your merchandise, the higher number of individuals who will actually purchase your products or services. It is an obvious fact.

So, how do you go about getting this traffic, enough traffic so that even if only a small percentage of people buy from you, it's still enough to make a substantial profit? Many large organisations generate traffic of many tens of thousands each day, and even if only a measly one or two percent actually makes a purchase, it's still more than enough to provide them with a thriving business. Quite a few of the success stories referencing online businesses that really make it big, pay for a large part of their regular traffic. Yes, that's correct; you have to be willing to invest some money for the opportunity to make much more money. Advertising is absolutely essential for every website development. The more people who know your website exists; the more people will go to your website, it's just common sense.

While there are a variety of well-known ways that can get your advertising for free, they simply don't generate the same massive volumes of traffic which can come from paid methods. Google and Yahoo are both top notch paid advertisement options.

The Value Of SEO.

The search engine "search box" is the fastest and easiest method for finding what you're looking for on the Internet. Search engines have become such an incredible success because they provide an amazingly useful service to people everywhere. They're completely free and simple to use. With this kind of world wide popularity, they get an astounding number of visitors; in fact, they get more traffic than any other websites on the Web. It's difficult to be confused as to why so many organisations would pay such hefty sums to advertise in these search engines.

The search engines provide information to many millions of users every day. They provide relevant links to websites that a user might be searching for. If your website's link pops-up on page one of the search results, you've got a good chance that these users will check out your website. While search engine optimisation is a less expensive way to get your website a high rank, it's invariably a long term effort, however if you pay for your advertisements, this will guarantee that you'll have a potion high up on the list right away. If you choose to pay for these advertisements, it's just like paying for traffic. This might seem it's like not such a great idea, but the pay-off's for an online business often tell a very different story.

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