Friday, December 11, 2009

3 Key Areas On Niche Marketing Research

by Vetio Vee

Niche marketing research has often been a difficult task. How do you research? What do you research? What should your results entail are questions that often come to mind. How important is niche marketing research? It is very important and could be the deciding factor between failure and success.

1. Your reader/customers - Find out what the reader or your customers want, then give it to them. The first thing you want to consider is your public relations strategy. Readers that come to the internet are looking for products or a niche that will provide to them a solution to their issues. The solution can basically be anything from weight lose, dog grooming help to saving a marriage. What you have to remember is in every niche there is a problem and a solution. Focusing on just those two key areas will find you well ahead of the pack. Your public is your life's blood for your business. This is the foundation and reason why I like to call it "public relations strategy". If you forget your business strategy, you lose your traffic which translates into your readers and buyers.

For example let us take dog grooming as our niche, we can put a public relations strategy into play. After doing some niche marketing research on dog grooming, our results showed that dog grooming can be dangerous to the health of some dogs. We now have a problem or issue to wrap our research around. The result from the research tells us it can be dangerous to the health of a dog if the dog is groomed improperly. Now that we found the problem we now need to do some more niche marketing research to find the solution. A more deeper look into the issue helps us find the solution. Keep it simple and straight forward. After you presented both the problem and the solution, you can now send your readers to more information on the niche. The information path you send your readers down can be to an affiliate product, your own ebook, free info so they op-tin to your newsletter or anything else you wish your readers to view. It is really up to you. Best practices is to not send your readers directly to a sales page. Better to entice them further with a second relevant information webpage.

2. Niche language - When you start doing your niche marketing research, you will want to notice what kind of words are being used to describe your niche. What phrases are being put together? What kind of technical words are being used? If we take our dog grooming niche as the example, you will start to notice a pattern or a way dog groomers speak. Also reading and research will help you find the hot buttons that grab the reader and keeps them focused on your website or subject. Keep an eye out for those little things and add them into your postings, blogs, articles, webpages and product descriptions.

When your readers and customers start to see you as an authority, they may send you an email about one of your articles, or websites. The better you can speak the language the more of an expert you will be.

3. Test your market before jumping into it - The final and most important thing you want to do is test your niche against the current market. Your main focus in this area is finding a niche market that does not have a lot of competition. The last thing you want is to compete with thousands of others in the same exact niche market. At the same time you want to ensure the niche market has enough traffic to make it worth your efforts.

When done right, these processes works like magic. It is all a very complicated, delicate mixture of just the right competition, the right traffic and the right niche market. It is hard to hit all three just right. Yet over time and experience your success rate will grow.

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