Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to look for a cheap SSL Certificates

by shammy

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that protects your Web site and makes it easy for customers to transaction with you. SSL provides security and an encrypted link between a web server and a web browser to make sure that all data transmitted are private. Many consumers recognize the "golden padlock" which shows that they are viewing a secure web page.

SSL certificates can provide you with non-forgeable proof of your website's identity, and customer trust in the integrity and security of your online business. Customers are aware of the advantages of SSL security and will often not purchase online from non-secure stores. All major online businesses use SSL security to encourage customers to buy online.

Security for your website

There are several SSL certificate vendor that offers cheap SSL certificates, the good thing of having one is that you will gain your customer's trust and attract more buyers without hesitation of giving their personal information on your website for their payment process.

You can find cheap SSL certificates that cost $12, mostly it varies from $12 to as much $1,000 or more. Why does it have a big difference? The main reasons are some certificate authorities have been around longer than others, so you are sure that their certificates are worth it, because it is already working in older browsers. Some certificates are directly signed by a trusted certificate, while others are chained from another intermediate certificate. This is not really a problem, as long as the company selling the chained certificate really does own the root certificate. Chained certificates are usually cheapest SSL certificate. Different certificates give different levels of assurance to your website visitors about whom you are. This not really a major issue for more sites, because website visitors are generally happy as soon they see the lock icon in the lower left corner to the browser window. A few certificate authorities claim to provide enhanced security to customers with very old computers.

Different type of SSL certificate you should buy are:

* If your website is intended to sell products to the public, and you have no special interest in serving users with very old computers, you can get by just fine with a chained, domain-only certificate from a newer certificate authority.

* If your website are selling products to the public and have a much larger audience than the webmasters in the first group, then the thought of a "small number" of users who ca not use newer certificates will be setting off alarm bells for you.

* If your website offers financial services, or requires especially private information from users, such as social security numbers and tax identity number. Mostly users on such websites more likely to check the detailed certificate information.

Demand for reliable online security is increasing. Despite on increasing online sales, still many consumers continue to believe that shopping online is less safe than doing the old-fashioned shopping on stores. The key to establishing a successful online business or a website is to build customer trust. Only when potential customers trust that their private information and personal data is safe with your business, will they consider making purchases on the Internet.

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