Monday, October 5, 2009

How To Ensure You Get Maximum Exposure For Your Articles

by Richard Taylor

To get the most from your article distribution efforts, you need to give your articles the best possible chance of being republished by other webmasters and ezine owners.

It's not just a case of getting backlinks and traffic from the main article directories. If you're going to the effort of writing an article, you may as well go the extra yard and make it as appealing as possible to other publishers.

Here are 5 tips for writing publisher friendly articles that will get a lot of reads:

1. Use of keywords

Don't go overboard with the use of keyword phrases in your articles. Fitting too many keyword phrases in to your article can give it an unnatural, broken flow. Webmasters and ezine owners are searching for well written, educational articles to ensure their readers stay subscribed or revisit their sites. If you need to include a keyword phrase, include it in your article title if possible as this will carry the most ranking weight. But in general try and ensure that you include your keywords in a natural way, scattered through the content in appropriate places. Obviously the one place you will want to include your keywords, is in the anchor text of the links you include in your resource box pointing back to your site. The search engines place a lot of weight on anchor text links, so any you include with your article, need to reflect the keyword phrases you are targeting on the page you are linking to. In order to generate a natural linking pattern try and target a different keyword phrase with each separate article.

2. Closely align the content of your article with the content of the page you are linking to

Article marketing is not just about obtaining backlinks to your pages. When done right, you can generate a lot of direct traffic from your articles. For those visitors to convert in to new list subscribers or actual sales, you must ensure that the content on your landing page is targeted to the content they were reading in your article, and is in fact as promised when they clicked on your link in your author box!

Therefore make sure you write compelling resource boxes that deliver your readers to the content they crave.

3. Make the length of your article appeal to publishers

To appeal to ezine publishers and webmasters, your articles should ideally be between 500 and 800 words, not too long for ezine editors but long enough to provide webmasters with quality ranking material.

4. Provide quality content

Make sure you provide useful information to your readers, information that delivers what is promised in your article title. Ideally you want to write content that will provide your reader with a quality learning experience so that they sub-consciously start to perceive you as an expert ready for when they land on your page. However, don't share all of your knowledge in the article, make sure you leave something to promise the reader in your resource box. If they discover all the information they were searching for in your article, they will have no reason to click on your link! The better the information in your article, the more it will be published by ezine editors. Plus the more you become associated with quality writing, the more your content will be republished. 5. Check with the main article directories to see what the most popular article titles are

Before you write an article, do some research. Go to some of the main article directories and take a look at what article titles are proving popular with readers. Then base your own titles around those. If your title is attractive to people in your chosen niche, it should get read a lot of times!

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