Monday, September 14, 2009

How to Write Articles: Aspects of the Google Duplicate Content Penalty

by Peter Nisbet

Many people are worried about the Google duplicate content penalty when submitting articles to article directories. When learning how to write articles it is important to understand the implications of submitting them to more than one article directory. The Google duplicate content penalty is a myth.

From the Google Webmaster Central Bog: Let's put this to bed once and for all, folks: There's no such thing as a "duplicate content penalty." At least, not in the way most people mean"

It then goes on to explain: "Google tries to filter out duplicate documents so that users experience less redundancy". What means is that no web page is penalized for duplicate content, but that all the duplicates are compared and that only the most relevant page to the keyword is retained. So even if you have the original version, your page will not necessarily be retained.

If it is not chosen, it will not be delisted as many believed, but if it has enough relevance it will be held in the 'supplementary results' that visitors can click on if they want to see other pages that have similar content to those listed. Unfortunately, these are listed after the main listings, and will appear on the last results page.

However, that is a long way away because it takes Google time to detect duplicate content, and when they do, as already stated, there is no duplicate content penalty, but a comparison with the other sites listed. For that reason, once you have learned how to write articles in such a way as to have them listed on Google, it will be some time after publication before they are compared with other listings of your same articles on other directory pages.

What many don't understand that is when you submit your article to, say, 100 article directories, each directory publishes the article on its own web page, and that can be listed on Google in the same way as any other web page. In fact, many directories have a good record of having your article listed, not only on Google and other search engines, but on Page #1 of these search engines. I have many of these, and you can too.

If you are wondering how you are going to submit to 100 directories, I submit each to over 400, using either a submission service or my own article submission software. Some I submit manually because they are paid submissions. However, not all 400 are done manually: in fact by submitting to the top 15 you can reach a few hundred more because many of them syndicate to other directories and ezines that in turn syndicate to others.

It takes Google months to whittle down all that duplicate content - penalty or no penalty. Eventually, your backlinks will slowly reduce down to only the one from the one article, but if you submit one article every week or two, you will add links faster than they are dropped and you will have a net increase, not only in backlinks but also in listings of your articles on the search engine pages, and a Page #1 listing on Google is worth a thousand links!

If you start to get worried about the Google duplicate content penalty when you learn how to write articles it could hold you back in your sites promotion. It is important that you understand that there is no 'duplicate content penalty', and that you don't believe all these myths that are floating around the internet.

Myths such as 'you can get rich quick', 'gurus sell you their secrets' and 'duplicate content penalty'. None of these are true, and if you want to be successful in your internet market, then learn how to write articles properly and then submit them to as many directories and ezines as possible, and dang any Google duplicate content penalty. You won't even notice it - I never have!

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