Wednesday, September 30, 2009

How Do I Analyze Traffic on My Website?

by Linda McRae

Studying your traffic patterns can be a priceless technique for a number of different reasons. Although before you can implement this procedure into your everyday system, you need to be knowledgeable enough to be able to make full use of this tool, you need to understand how to breakdown the information for ease of use. Analyzing traffic and how to receive website traffic, and receiving search engine traffic is valuable info that you will use time and time again..

Many web hosting organizations will provide you with simple website traffic information then you have to research to learn how to make relevant use of your new information. The explanation that you receive from your hosting company will most definitely take a rocket scientist to figure out it's meaning. This being said now you have to learn how to implement it into your particular business and websites.

We will start by analyzing traffic, which is the simplest data, the average visitors to your site consisting of on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. These graphs and reports are the most important part of your every day life maintaining your websites. These figures are the most standard measurement of your website's activity. At first you would think that the more traffic you see on your report, wow this is amazing. It is good but you have to consider and document what each visitor is on your site to accomplish. Some are just Lookie Lous and others are the type traffic you need, either purchasing products or signing up to use your program which you offer.

Let's explore what "hits" are? What are known as "hits", and can give you false hopes and failure.The really great misconception about what is commonly known as "hits" and what is really tangible benefits hits from customers on your website. Hits are only the number of server request made, or the number of pictures etc. per page, you will see how over rated this little word "hits" can be.

Let's further explore this meaning, if your homepage has 12 pictures on it, this is how the server records this, as 12 hits. One visitor can be looking at your homepage and you will be registered with 12 hits by the server. This shows us that hits are really not a productive way to analyze traffic on your website, at this level.

As you advertise, more visitors will frequent your website, and your reports will become much more accurate. Your graphs and reports will then show the exact benefits your website is bringing your business. You will learn to compare your overall trends in visitor behavior. These same indicators can help you to decide where your improvements can be made. It can really be something as simple as keywords that are not exact enough and are bringing the wrong customers to your site. Keywords must be as close to your description to your site as possible, this enables the servers to send the correct category customers to you. If the visitors are arriving on your site and only staying a few seconds, they probably are not satisfied with the direction the server sent them.

Properly working navigation and links are a must, nothing is more upsetting to me as when I research a particular item and I use a search engine and I am sent to a site that is poorly maintained. I can not get the buttons to work and the links are incomplete. This has wasted my time and I will remember this site in the future. I would not recommend it to my employees or my friends. When you design your sites, please remember to consider ease of use for your visitors. This is one of the most important factors I have found from research to this date.

If you find that customers are visiting a certain page on your site more than the others, then it would make a good business move to put more of your sale's items on that page, or list more of your training classes offered, whatever your niche may be. Now, you are receiving many of my internet marketing secrets. People actually pay for this stuff, I want my reader's to succeed so I don't mind sharing some of my knowledge.

Your website has exit pages, for example, a final order or contact form. Visitors usually go through this page quickly. Here once again you have to study your reports and decide what the actions of the visitors are? Hopefully you have exits on your exit pages, if not, you have some work to do on your site. You would be surprised how just altering the content or the graphics can make all the differences you are needing for measurements to be correct.

So statistics can tell you just where changes need to be made. Check your keywords as mentioned already make certain they are targeted keywords. Targeted customers or targeted traffic are happy customers because they find exactly what they were looking for!

Maintenance of your website is so very important, it works hand in hand with your advertisement.One day you will be able to put your company name into a search engine such as Google, and your website pops up in the number one spot, just radiate with the success you are feeling at this moment. All of that hard work is paying off, and hopefully it will be in dollars and cents! If you have questions, you can reach me through my website.

About the Author

Linda McRae is a internet marketer, has a business at home, and has written eleven ezines about the loves of her life, working from home. She trained with, Autopilot Profits by Ewen Chia as an avenue for training new associates with step by step teachings that are remarkably fun! Do not forget to sign up for his newsletters and training labs. See ya soon, with some more secrets from the best of the best teachers.