Thursday, July 2, 2009

Traffic Exchange: Back to the Basics

by Tim Rash

Traffic exchange is one of the most popular ways in generating traffic to the web sites or web pages. It has been proven by a lot of internet marketers, and online business owners. It works with a system that allows a member to browse on other members' sites in order to gain credits that will gauge how that member's site will be shown to others.

There is a term called credit ratio in traffic exchange programs. Most of them have the 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. This means that for every 2 or 3 sites viewed within the program, a member gains 1 credit. This credit is the number at which the member's site will be viewed by other members. One credit is equal to one site or page view. More credits can be earned by surfing on more and more sites within the program. Though the main aim of every member is to surf to generate traffic to their own sites, they basically help each other bring traffic to their sites.

This is typical in a free traffic exchange membership. Looking closely, it means that there must really be a lot of time devoted to browsing in order to get the desired huge traffic. However, if funds are available and time is really constrained, it is possible to just buy credits at a minimal cost. In this way, traffic will be brought to sites without needing to browse for hours.

Furthermore, it is recommended to show a landing page is traffic exchanges instead of the main site. This is similar to making a 15-seconder television or a billboard ad in the physical world. The landing page is like a summary of the business and the benefits it offers. It must contain simple graphics, a headline, and a brief list of what the consumers can get out of the business, product, or service. This landing page may contain a link leading to the main page, or even an opt-in form where people can leave their contact details.

The link to the main site allows the potential customers to explore more about the business. The option to leave the contact details is a part of the lead-capturing process. It is not very easy as everyone wants security from fraud and spam; but when a free offer goes with it, chances are, people will leave their information to get the free offer. The free offer could be free trial, free membership, free reports, newsletters, or anything that can be interesting with the prospects.

Moreover, this strategy is very effective as people may not instantly make a purchase upon seeing an advertisement but they will most probably take advantage of a free offer. In relation, their contact details will be used in keeping in touch with them. This is to establish a relationship until the proper time to sell comes.

On the other hand, if the main aim is to generate huge traffic to the site, traffic exchange is surely a powerful tool to use. Additionally, it is also a very good tool in lead gathering and site promotion. Better try traffic exchange with free membership in order to experience the great results it has for the business.

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