Tuesday, July 7, 2009

5 Secret Keys to Cut Your Adwords Cost By Upto 95%

by Chris Ball

There are so many people out there claiming to be able to provide you with ways to make money with Google Adwords and PPC advertising, but the simple truth is 98% of all people trying to work from home with online income, fail to even make a single dollar in profit. Most often they end up spending more on their advertising campaigns that they earn as an affiliate. This is because they are often paying as much as 20 times the amount they could for there Google Adwords. Cutting the cost of your advertising is crucial to making a profit with affiliate marketing, so if you want to make a serious online income and work from home, you need to learn these 5 Secret Keys to low cost Google Adwords.

Key 1: Relevance

When you put together an ad on Adwords one of the key factors Google uses to determine the price you will pay for that ad to be places is relevance. If the keywords you have bid on appear in the ad AND if the site they go to seems to be on the same subject. Therefore research which keywords are important for your target market and make sure that you have one ad for each keyword. As an affiliate you may not be able to control the sales page, but you can always create a content rich squeeze page to capture subscriber.

Key 2: Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate (CTR) of your Adwords Ad is monitored by Google and the amount you pay per click will be determined by the Click Through Rate. Google has determined that the CTR is a key factor in how relevant you ad is to the searcher, so if you get a high click through rate then your Adwords ad cost will go down by as much as 95%! If you find that Google has set your ad as inactive, it could simply be because they see it as not relevant. They will simply tell you to bid more, when in reality all you need to do is reword the ad.

Key 3. Experiment with the unusual

As mentioned in the other keys, Google uses relevance as a significant key to setting the price of your Adwords ad, and you can appear above a more expensive ad if Google sees your ad as more relevant to the audience. It is very common for a simple change in the wording of and ad in some cases one word or switching the order of the lines around can make the Click Through Rate increase 2000%. And as the CTR will very much determine the cost of your Adwords campaign it is worth experimenting with different ads. Look at it this way, if you are paying $0.75 per click for an add, with a CTR of 0.5%, but another add you ran had a CTR of 3.5%, then you have increased your relevance by 700%. Google will see this and will want to keep you high on the page. Therefore you can now start to lower your maximum bid and see what happens to your position in the page. It could be that you can cut your Adwords costs by as much as 50% and still stay at the same level on the page.

Key 4. Bid on lots of keywords

One mistake most new Internet Marketers make is that they bid on a narrow range of keywords, which often happen to be the same keywords that everyone else in that niche is bidding on. In order to make Google Adwords super successful it is important to get those 5 cent clicks. For example: if you are bidding on the key word "Digital Camera" you are competing against possibly hundreds of other marketers and the cost per click will be over $2 a click, but if you bid on "Nikon D90 digital" the cost is just $0.05, a saving of 97.5%! If you want to make real profits with your Google Adwords PPC campaigns then you really need those 5 cent clicks!

Key 5. Profit from the traffic.

So far we have been talking about the getting traffic at the lowest price, and those are vital keys to successful Adwords campaigns. But if you truly want to work from home with a successful Internet Marketing business it is vital that the site you are sending your traffic to is converting those clicks into sales - either directly or by capturing their name and email address and then selling to them later. If you are sending traffic to an affiliate marketing site then it is vital that you monitor the conversion rate of the site, but better still put your own squeeze page up and create your own niche list. So no matter how successful you are at getting cheap clicks you must ensure that the value of the site you are sending them to ensures they become customers.

There are many thousands of people on the internet trying to make an online income that will allow them to work from home, and Google Adwords is for most of them the first and last place they try. It is not unusual for them to work for months or even years without making a single penny of profit. Getting your Adwords campaign right is about the little things, these 5 keys will guide you through the process fast.

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