Friday, June 12, 2009

An Introductory Guide To Google Ad Sense

by Andrew Cocks

You want to make money online but you do not want to sell anything? If this is the case, you have other options besides selling your own products or another marketers product. If your goal is to establish an income stream that does not involve selling your services to a potential slave driver then you must have at some point considered pay per click programs, particularly Google Ad Sense. Google Ad Sense is an earning opportunity open to everyone. Webmasters have the advantage as they already own existing websites, but even those who do not have their own websites and those who are completely illiterate when it comes to web editing languages can avail of this pay per click program for the chance to earn an unlimited amount of money.

Google Ad Sense in a nutshell is explained here for those who want to try another way to bolster their income potential. If you enroll under Google Ad Sense you will be given a code that is specific to your account. The idea is to embed this code into your web pages. If done correctly this code will display advertisements on your web page, what type of advertisements will appear will depend on the contents of the web page. Google Ad Sense ads are always contextually relevant, meaning, the ads will be related to the subject primarily discussed by the web page.

Hence, if your web page talks about dog grooming, expect Ad Sense ads about dog grooming products. This means that your web pages visitors are more likely to click on the ads that will be displayed. This is important because with Google Ad Sense and other pay per click programs for that matter, you will be paid every time a visitor clicks on an ad displayed on your website. Ad clicks can range from one cent to as high as four dollars and ninety seven cents depending on the advertiser. Nonetheless, even if an ad is for a measly five cents and you garner ten thousand visitors per day and only a fourth of them will click on the ads, you will still earn one hundred and twenty five dollars daily. Keep in mind that this example is only for one website, now, imagine if you have ten website performing just as well. This, my friend, is the reason why quite a number of webmasters are making a fortune with Google Ad Sense.

The three important components of success with Google Ad Sense depends on how and which method you choose to focus on for each of the websites.Cost Per Click ads pay meagerly, while some pay handsomely. You must target keywords that fetch the higher paying ads. How do you know which keywords fetch the good paying ads? Create an account at any site that is set up for people to find the correct, money making keywords and check the current bids for the keywords you are considering. Overture is a pay per click program found on Yahoo for advertisers, but it will still give you an idea what keywords are popular enough to merit high paying ads.

The second option you may want to explore is, page impressions, as this refers to the number of visitors you generate for your web pages. This is dependent on the marketing tactics you will employ. Lastly, there is the click through rate which refers to the percentage of visitors who click on the ads displayed on your web pages. Naturally, the higher your click through rate, the better. Click through rate depends on many factors, such as how relevant the ads will be, the format of the said ads, and how well they will jive with the content of the web page.

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