Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't Let Duplicate Content Penalties Hurt Your Online Business

by Tiva Kelly

Quality content rules when it comes to writing to promote your affiliate marketing efforts. Numerous options abound for you to present useful content to your target audience. Options include varied and original web page content and article writing for article marketing campaigns.

You no doubt know that article marketing is an efficient and inexpensive method for getting your links across the web. Original articles that you regularly write are the best way to ensure that you are not a victim to duplicate content penalties. The same goes for 100 percent original web page content. In addition, relevant original content builds your credibility as an Internet marketer.

Just what is duplicate content? Duplicate content are significant blocks of content that are the same or very similar. These can be within a single domain. This means many pages within the same website have the same content. Some website owners do this so they receive a higher ranking by the search engines.

When someone enters a search phrase that matches this similar content, the website owner receives a high ranking. That's because they have many pages with the same text and keyword phrases. They are stuffing their pages to fool the search engines. They are not really offering useful fresh content on each of their web pages.

Significant blocks of the same or similar text can also be across many domains. These domains totally match each other in terms of content, or are very similar to one another. A person can have multiple websites with the same content to attract search engines. These sites are not different from one another in terms of content. Therefore, each one does not offer something new to web searchers. Again, an online marketer who does this is cheating the searcher and the search engine.

Why do the search engines frown upon duplicate content? They frown upon it because it goes against their desire for fresh content. Search engines depend on relevant, interesting, up-to-date content. They want this so they can pass it on to their users. Web searches don't want a search engine constantly pointing them to the same old tired content they pointed them to previously.

You, as a writer of content to promote your business, need quality ever-changing content. This is true of your web page content. It's also true of your article writing content as part of your article promotion campaign.

Consequently, you should focus on relevant content. You are part of a certain marketing niche. Make sure you keep that focus as you convey information to your audience. Write articles that do not stray off topic, as this is off-putting to your target market. They want answers to their needs and concerns and look for credible information providers. If they find your content is not relevant to their concerns they will look elsewhere.

On your web pages, make sure your content matches your site's theme. This will attract the attention of the search engines. Their desire is to present useful sites to their users. Don't be penalized with a non-listing by having content unrelated to your site's theme. It's annoying to the search engines and will certainly be annoying to your website visitors.

Another tactic you can employ is rewording the same basic content into different formats. You have basic information that pertains to your online business. It is imperative that you get this information across regularly to your niche. However, you do not have to present it the same way, in the same format.

The search engines will penalize you if you submit the same articles to the same directories. They will also penalize you if you have the same blocks of text on each page of your website. Your niche market will penalize you because you will bore them with cookie-cutter information.

Therefore, present basic information about your business in a special report. Write a podcast and offer it on your site. Write a video script and record a presentation. You can also write and record an audio web seminar. The search engines will notice the fresh and varied way you present content. You will have vibrant content that does not smack of duplication.

The above gives you an insight into duplicate content. You can see why the search engines penalize those who use it. They want to appear as credible providers of fresh information, just as you do.

Take the time to create useful original content for your niche market regularly. In this way, you attract a following that looks forward to your insightful current information. You also attract search engines that thirst for this type of quality content for their users. Don't let search engine referees blow the whistle on you for duplicate content. Show them you're in the game as a quality Internet marketer who always provides new content.

About the Author

Tiva Kelly is the Head of Article Coaching and offers advice to authors at Article Marketer, a highly popular article distribution service. Grab our free report about duplicate content here.