Friday, June 19, 2009

A Common Niche Affiliate Marketing Mistake

by Lyn Troyer

Why do so many people fail at niche affiliate marketing? Is it because they are lazy, or maybe they just don't have what it takes to make it in the business.

I don't believe either excuse qualifies as a legitimate reason for the increasing rate of failure. Most people who do niche affiliate marketing are very dedicated and committed to their work and nearly everyone has what it takes to make it as a big success.

So then what is it? Why don't more people generate huge incomes?

If we take a look at what niche marketing is we may understand better why there isn't an influx of success stories. A niche is a target market with specific needs wants and desires. Once you realize what your target market requires from you it's easier to meet their needs.

However, most people don't study their niche market enough to understand exactly who they are and what they want. Without a thorough rundown of their expectations it's difficult to offer the right products and services.

Pricing is one of the most common mistakes. Even a website owner that gets scores of traffic each day can still come short in sales if the visitors find the pricing or the niche affiliate marketing product out of their reach.

Every niche product is priced to meet the needs of certain groups. It is a waste of time to offer high end products to budget seekers. On the other hand offering inexpensive products for people who pride themselves on expensive brands and quality won't bring sales in either.

Niche affiliate marketing is about more than just knowing you are selling to people who are interested in maintaining their heart health. It also means knowing the lifestyles, age, social and income class of these people.

Your research should go beyond just simple interests and touch on gender, age and location because these facts help you choose the right affiliate marketing programs for your niche. The first step most people take to failure is not picking the right affiliate program.

Your niche website and your affiliate programs have to match perfectly, because the last thing you want is for people to come to your great looking website and leave to your merchant's only to find they aren't interested in or can't afford the merchant's offer.

After working hard at building and marketing your website it is frustrating to not get the sales you want because you didn't do the correct niche research.

This research does not just apply to your website niche but also the niche of your merchant's site and product. Who would benefit most from what your merchant is offering? Is it your clientele? You need to know if you are serving the same niche.

To increase niche affiliate marketing sales you should have a clear idea of who your niche market is and who your merchant's target market is. This includes but is not limited to the gender, age, and income level of these individuals. The more information you have about the markets the easier it is to know if you are catering to the same market.

About the Author

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