Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Using Postcard Mailings to Promote Your Online Income Affiliate Program

by Michelle Jayes

Don't think that because your business is an internet based affiliate marketing business, that you can only promote it online. Offline advertising works very well and internet marketers are now becoming more aware of the great possibilities of using offline marketing as well.

Have you noticed lately that a lot of TV commercials are directing the viewers to a website address for more information? Of course not everyone can afford to advertise on the TV as it can prove very expensive, but you are not limited to TV only, there are other offline methods available as well.

In this article we are going to discuss just one of the alternative methods available for offline marketing and that is postcard mailing. This is a great way to promote your internet based business and it is also relatively cheap.

Backed postcards are cheap and easy to produce and cheap to post, actually you can even employ a service to design and run your campaign directly from your computer. In fact you can send out 1000 postcards including the design costs for as little as 40 cents or less per card.

Some affiliate programs offer pre-made postcards that you can order from them and post out yourself, but personally I think that designing your own cards is more to your benefit as this way you control what they say and how they look. Your results in all probability will be better as your cards will not be like everyone else's.

Make sure that you include your website address on your postcards and offer some sort of incentive that will encourage people to visit your site and opt-in to your mailing list. A good incentive is a free e-book download or some software, make sure that it is something of value and set a time limit on the giveaway to encourage prompt action.

A good idea when creating your postcards is to do half of them with one set of wording and the other half with a different set. If you do this you will then be able to split test which card yields a better response.

How you would check on this would be to print the first batch of postcards with one code number and the other batch with a different code number. Instruct the reader to enter the code number on their postcard, as well as their name and email address in order to access your free giveaway.

By doing this you will soon see which batch of cards gets a greater response and then you can post out more of those. This information will help you to market your internet business more effectively.

Not everyone who visits your website will necessarily want to download your free gift, but using this method of split testing will still give you a good idea of which campaign results in the best response.

As you become more experienced with this type of marketing, you will be able to improve on the results you get. There are also many other methods of offline marketing that you can apply to your online income affiliate business, and in future we will discuss some other choices as well.

About the Author

Michelle Jayes lives in South Africa and runs her internet based business from her home.