Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ezine Advertising Made Easy

by Brett Dunham

If you are like most people just starting out with an Internet marketing business, you are probably either familiar with or being bombarded by several methods of marketing your business. There are free classified ad sites, pay per click advertising, and even social marketing using videos and social sites as modes for advertising to your target audience—just to name a few. However, there is one very consistent method of reaching millions of people currently on the Internet that sometimes gets missed...and that is ezine advertising.

Ezines, which is the slang used to describe electronic magazines, are email newsletters that are sent out regularly to subscribers. Since everyone who receives an ezine has subscribed to the magazine, they are more likely to read the articles as well as the ads, because it is a topic that they have a passion about. If you matched your product or service with a related ezine, then you have hit the mark, and are marketing straight to your target audience! There are nearly 100,000 ezines published every month, so it is extremely likely that there is an ezine that will fit your niche and get you the results you are looking for.

What is the best way to market successfully using ezines? Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to success! One of the most important marketing rules to follow here as with any marketing plan: track your advertising. If you submit your ad to several ezines and do not track them by specific magazine, you will not know which ones are getting response and which ones are just costing you money. This may take some time and a lot of trial by error, but once you find the ezine(s) that are getting the best results for your business, you will have a steady stream of customers. There are many software packages that will help you track this information.

Second, you will want to research ezines and find the ones that are most relevant to your business opportunity. Search the subject categories in any ezine directory for ones that are related to your business and note all of the relevant ezines you come up with.

Once you have your list of relevant ezines, subscribe to each one of them and do your research. Receiving the monthly newsletters for each of your potential ezines will allow you to review the existing ads in the magazine and determine the true focus of the audience. If you notice an ad showing up month after month, chances are the advertisement is creating results. This can be very telling of the subscribers. The other thing to look for is the volume of advertising in the magazine. If there are already 15 or more ads in the newsletter, chances are, your ad may get lost in the shuffle.

Next, once you have narrowed down your list based on your research, find out if there is a policy related to advertising within the ezine. Ask the publisher of the ezine if two like ads can be run simultaneously. If they do not allow that, you will know two things: that you will not have any competition if yours is the first ad of the type—or you will know that you may not be able to advertise with the ezine, if your competition beat you to the punch. This research will not further eliminate ezines from your list, but it will help you determine when you can and cannot run your ad with that magazine.

Lastly, you are now ready to formulate your ezine ad! Here are some tips for successful ezine ads:

1. offer something free

2. keep it short

3. use the word "you"

4. do not describe the product—but tell your customer what your product can do for them.

Remember that your customers are thinking "what is in it for me?"—so your ad should answer that question easily and simply.

About the Author

Brett Dunham is an Internet Entrepreneur from Phoenix, AZ. He mentors ordinary people in Internet Marketing helping them to achieve achieve success online. For a FREE 7 Day Marketing Bootcamp, visit http://article.BrettDunham.com