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Drive Free Traffic To Your Site

by Patrick Wooley

I've been doing some more research lately. Specifically, about driving more traffic to your site. Everyone knows that the most difficult part of having an online business is getting visitors to your site to view what you have to offer. With the billions of pages on the internet, there are a lot of places to visit. How do you insure that you can attract people and hold their attention with so much competition? How about enticing them to come back a second time or maybe more in the future?

There are many books written about this subject, some of which I happen to own. But some assume that you have a monthly budget to spend to drive traffic to your website. Well, I want to focus on a few methods that are free. That's right, FREE. Everyone loves to receive free things, including me. I've signed up to many sites to get a free ebook of report, as well as some good advice. In these uncertain times, and especially with the incredible resources available on the internet, there's little reason to pay for most types of advice or information these days. So, that being said, let's explore a few ways.

One of my favorite ways is to go to YouTube and do a search on whatever topic you like. The amount of resources solely on this one site could fill an entire library. I just did a search for free traffic and it returned 21,300 results. That doesn't include any variations on my search wordings. Now, take probably half of those, which will be promotions for someones product, get rid of them, and you have 10,650 left. Take another half of those, which may not be relevant you or may be miscategorized, and you're left with 5,325. So over 5000 videos that would directly teach you to generate traffic to your website, for free. You could watch videos for a year and probably not watch all of them, at which point there will be another several thousand added.You could also post your own videos.

There's hundreds, if not thousands, more video sites with the same types of info available. Now, you could write and submit articles to the article sites. I personally do this on a regular basis and it seems to work. If you look at all of the big marketers, this is one tactic that they all recommend. It: Costs nothing, links to your website (don't forget your sig), helps with the search engines, gets your sites viewed by people that would otherwise not know you existed, and brings you a long term stream of potential customers, all for free.

Once they get to your site, give them a freebie. That's right, give it to them. An ebook or two, a report, some useful advice. It could be anything. Information products work well as they don't cost anything after the initial purchase, and can be given instantly. Ask that they sign up to your list to receive it, then send them a link to download it. Now, you have a potential customer.

Another way is the social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, etc. They all have forums and groups which you can join for free and post ads or submit articles or comments, and include your web address in the signature. Checking out other peoples blogs and commenting works well also. Then, when someone else reads their blog and sees your comment, they may decide to check out your webpage also.

There's also Twitter, which seems to be all the rage for free traffic generation these days. Just send a tweet after joining up to several of the groups there, and you could have several hundred or thousand people viewing your site afterwards.

How about Craigslist or the thousands of other classified sites. They all have a free advertising section.

As you can see, there are many ways to get your site out there and advertise for free. Get creative. Think outside the box, although the established methods are already working for many. It doesn't have to be hard. Once you start, it'll get easier. It's the initial phase or learning curve that's the hard part.

So, I've given you some ideas to get started on. These are just a few ways out of the hundreds or thousands available. Try to work on two or three per week to start. After a month, you should have at least 8 or more potential traffic builders established. Then, the residuals of your efforts will start to trickle in. As always, strive to be the best you can be. Your efforts will pay off for you in the long run.

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