Monday, April 6, 2009

A Serious Look at Green Web Hosting

by Michael Hanks

A General Overview

There is a new wave that is emerging hereabouts, and it is colored green. This new advocacy espoused by an enlightened sector of the web hosting community has created a new concept of using website hosting service that endeavors to reduce its environmental impact.

The term used to loosely refer to this new revolution in the web hosting community is green web hosting. Green, or alternatively called eco-friendly, website hosting is a new trend that endeavors to develop web hosting providers operating within the platform that does not harm the environment.

Consequently, this new concept also calls for the conversion of green consumers out of those who require hosting services. Hosting Companies GO Green Web Hosting

Website hosting has grown by leaps and bounds through the years. Indications point to a continued and sustained growth in the coming years.

One area which is drawing a lot of efforts to promote green web hosting is in the area of power usage. All those servers are using massive amounts of power 24 hours a day.

Various green web hosting providers follow different approaches. There are no straight and fast rules followed by green web hosting providers, but their initiatives fall under 3 major categories. These are: Carbon offsetting Environmental footprint reduction Use of renewable energy sources

Green Web Hosting GO Carbon Offsetting

Carbon offsetting are actions done in the web hosting community that mitigates greenhouse emissions. The principle behind it is that instead on concentrating efforts at reducing your own greenhouse gas emissions, one compensates by paying and supporting others that works to provide clean energy. Your company could also be paying others to have greenhouse gas emissions reduced elsewhere.

Some of the initiatives that are specific to the web hosting industry include:

Initiate a tree planting activity for each client. This might be included with each account or be an option for an additional fee allocated for the purpose when purchasing a hosting plan.

Patronize Renewable Certificates. The certificates are evidence or proof of renewable energy or green energy that is purchased by the hosting company from the energy provider. The web host may not be buying renewable energy directly, but by buying RECs, it provides incentives for the energy provider to use renewable energy and reduces the need for energy from non-renewable sources. RECs are also termed as Green tags, Renewable Energy Credits, and Tradeable Renewable Certificates (TRCs).

Go for the purchase of Emission Reduction Credits (ERCs). This refers to government records of emission reductions. They can be used by the hosting provider to offset future emission increases. ERCs can also be transferred to another company, or retired.

Green Web Hosting GO Environment Footprint Reduction Use of more energy-efficient servers Use of backup generators that run on propane gas Initiate a work at home program Run a solar powered office Reduce or eliminate the use of paper in the office Recycle

Green Web Hosting Use Renewable Energy Sources

The following initiatives could also involve the data centers. These are: The web host locates servers in a data center that generates power from renewable forms of energy such as wind, solar, or geothermal. The web host invests of facilities that provide renewable energy source

Other initiatives that green web hosting provider can take may involve donation of funds to environmental protection organizations and to other charity organizations that advocate green awareness.

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