Thursday, April 2, 2009

Internet Marketing - The Frustration of eBooks - Part 4

by Dean Tidman

In Part 3, we examined how to 'Create an Action Plan' and the elements that can make it truly about Action. Now, we must ACT. It may be a little scary, but only a tiny proportion of people ever act on anything and an even smaller number act upon information in a timely manner

Be disciplined, since we left off talking about the importance of setting dates and tasks to be achieved, you must discipline yourself from the start. Thousands of people take a small step along the path to an online business, but a very few stick with it. There is a phrase that seems so true:

"When you feel like giving up, you are probably very close to achieving your goal"

This is a phrase that you need to live by now. There are few things in life that come easily. We all spend many years in education to learn the essentials for life in the big, wide world, so commit to spending that hour every day to creating a successful online business. It will happen sooner than you think, but never as instantly as we would all like!

The reason almost all eBook buyers never succeed is simple, they don't:

· OPEN the eBook

· PRINT the eBook

· READ the eBook

· MAKE NOTES on the eBook

· WRITE DOWN an action plan

· SET DEADLINES for each action point

· ALLOCATE TIME for each activity everyday

· CONTINUE LONG ENOUGH · REPEAT THEIR SUCCESSFUL PROCESS OVER AND OVER (Because they have not had the first success yet!)

The last two steps are critical to making serious money online. Continue for long enough, that is, to have a success is where very few ever get to. Most will give up and then at some point go and buy a different eBook. It may be that the information that the buyer had was not very good. It may have been presented in a way that the reader did not find easy to follow, but the outcome was the same

Once you have the correct information, have some order to act upon each step, discipline yourself to act everyday to move forward to each deadline, you just need to keep going

Sadly, many would-be online businesses never see that first success and much of this is because the hype is too high and you have bought into the idea that all this will come together next week. The reality is, plan on 6 months - I know it seems like forever, but it is easy to start making money in a month and have the basis of a business in 6 months with the correct information

Information in itself is not the only thing. We discussed at the very start in Part 1 that eBooks only provide information, there is normally no means of discussion with the Author or with other readers as to 'what does that mean?' or 'how do I find that out?'

With the correct information, you can formulate an action plan. With the means to ask questions and get real answers, you can UNDERSTAND everything that you are doing and so keep going long enough to achieve success

Once you achieve success with a plan, you can repeat it - again and again and as with all things, the more you do something, he easier it gets to do. You can do each step faster, you discover new tools that help you get them done in minutes instead of hours

Pretty soon you are holding the keys to the universe, since you can also REPEAT the successful process over and over. Now you can be a success online. Start with a Plan, then Act for long enough to see results, then simply repeat the process for as much income as you would like

There is no Part 5, so if that's frustrating, you may like the opportunity to have a Blueprint of how to make money online from those that have already achieved this and will continue to earn their living on the Internet. Or if you feel that you lack all of the crucial information and would simply like to have a Mentor for the process rather than another eBook, you can find more information on the blog

About the Author

Dean is a keen Internet Marketer who wants others to learn from his mistakes and follow the 'right path' to success in the shortest possible time