Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Internet Marketing - The Frustration of eBooks - Part 3

by Dean Tidman

Previously in Part 2, we took some time to print and mark-up the eBooks that you'd opened, read and finally got around to printing! Now, let's look at 'Creating an Action Plan', since we can easily feel like the sheer mass of information about this and that 'crucial internet marketing' medium is just overwhelming

It may come as no surprise that anyone who has tried to gather information about Marketing Online has at some point felt completely lost. If you feel this way, it is quite natural and some might cynically suggest that this is exactly what so-called Internet 'Gurus' would like

We are not going to be overloaded with information, since, just like each eBook, we can break down the information into sensible elements and create our plan. Now, if you feel you don't have all the information yet, that's perfectly normal! DON'T Panic, the information is out there, but it is easy to feel that you are missing something

In many respects, feeling that you are lacking some crucial element is the reason why you have so may eBooks. Again, we could be cynical and conclude that this is what authors want, to feed you just enough information, but without enough to actually get going

Save your frustration for another day, instead concentrate for a few minutes on the task in hand - Creating an Action Plan. The Action Plan is best written down. It seems obvious, but again very few people do this and is the SINGLE BIGGEST REASON for not taking action

Personally, I prefer a Spreadsheet, since it has nice simple cells to type into and each of the contents can be moved around in terms of order and priority. Also, it allows dates to be put alongside each action point

Dates are VERY important, since they create your deadlines to do each step. Without a deadline, you are unlikely to meet it and so your action plan 'drifts', you slip behind in your plan and you may never feel motivated enough to act any further

Again, this is a critical element to success online. Dates are there to be met, just like a meeting or a deadline for a project and you need to treat it as a date to be achieved. You will feel so much better, every time you meet that deadline and you will be well on your way to achieving your success

You can of course, write a list on paper or in a word processing document, whatever you feel most comfortable with, either way you will have moved forward and be in the absolute minority of all those who have information and have never used it

How do we set dates?

If there are no particular dates that govern your project from the start, then set challenging dates, that require you to do something everyday. Note that this means on the Weekend too! If you are trying to create an online business, you are probably working at this in your 'spare time' and like many others there is not a huge amount of it, so allocate dates that are realistic. Realistic for you may mean 1 Hour EVERY Day, for other it may be more, but like all things in life, once you start doing them all the time, you develop a new habit and become better at them

From the information you have:

· Write down each of the key highlights that you found important

· Assemble them into what you think is a logical order

· Decide on a Date to act upon each of them and write that next to each item

· Create a column for recording when you have 'ticked this off the list of tasks'

Now, we have a Action Plan. You may need to move things around at some point, but that is not important at this stage, you will only know which items need to be moved around, once you start putting each step into action

In Part 4, we will look at bring the 'Putting the Action Plan into Action'. This is the most crucial stage, since a plan without action, is just more junk sitting on your computer. A plan in action can start to create a success online for you

About the Author

Dean is a keen Internet Marketer who wants others to learn from his mistakes and follow the 'right path' to success in the shortest possible time