Friday, April 3, 2009

How To Tell If Your Website Is Really Able To Make Money Online

by Juhani Tontti

Quick, what is the conversion rate of your website? If you try constantly to find out ways to make money online, the conversion rate is really the most important stats showing the healthiness of your website, because it tells how many of the site visitors will do the desired action.

To make money online requires a healthy conversion rate, which shows on what qualitative level the site is. If you have not used conversion rate to make money from home, or more money, you are not the only one. Most small business owners have not used that, which of course offers you a great chance.

1. You Should Improve The Conversion Rate All The Time.

If you think the idea of how to make money online, it is all about trust building between your website and the site visitors. To be able to make money online means to be able to build trust or credibility and to be able to stand out from the crowd offering useful things to the visitor.

I know from my experience that small improvements can unlock the full potential of your site and can offer at the same time ways to make extra money. The interesting thing is that it increases the number of repeated visitors, i.e. means ongoing residual income. The target is that a visitor gets a positive visit experience.

2. Avoid Small Credibility Destroyers.

Website visitors can be really skittish. Even a tiny impropriety can make them to leave and push the back button. So it is very crucial to test all the elements, even the small ones, on your website and to improve the conversion rate to find out better ways to make money online.

Showing your contact information, picture and telephone number can be a strong sign of openness and reliability, and can open the gates to make money at home. Also publishing testimonials and customer cases can be a sign about the popularity and, yes, about trust.

3. The First Impression Must Show Quality.

No one wants to visit in a disorganized online shop or in the shop, where you do not really know what are they selling, is there anything for you. If you ask how to make good money online, one of the most important factors is the layout, copy and the overall impression, that your site will give to the visitor.

Technically your site must be in shape. There just cannot be broken links, confusing layouts or incorrect or incomplete product information. They are all signs about a bad owner and will lower the trust factor considerably.

4. The Conversion Rate Can Be Increased By Do It Yourself Method.

Do not imagine that there would be some secret formula or software with which you could improve your conversion rate overnight. The only secret formula is your own common sense and your earlier experiences. A good way is to test and to compare your site with the competing ones, especially with those, which succeed better than you do. What a healthy exercise! But that is the way to make money online, more and more!

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