Thursday, March 26, 2009

Traffic Flows To Pages

by Roger Barnes

Traffic Flows To Pages

If you own a website and you are looking for ways to increase your web traffic, you need to keep in mind that traffic flows to pages that are new and updated regularly. If you can get on to your web site and update some of the content on a regular basis, you will stand a far better chance of increasing your traffic count than if you simply let things go stale. You need to keep in mind that once a visitor has gone to your site and read all of your material, why do they need to return if you do not change things?

New Articles

If someone has been to your website and they enjoy what they saw, they are more than likely to return if they know there is new content. If you can place a few new articles each week, this is actually enough for you to keep a traffic count up and running. Traffic flows to pages that are continually changing and offering new material. If you have nothing new to offer, you are not going to have those repeat clicks. One of the best ways to let people know that you have material that has not been read, is by offering a newsletter to the people that visit your site. If they are interested in the site, then more than likely they will subscribe to the newsletter. This will let them know when you have updated your material, and they will then revisit your site.

Plan It Out

Traffic flows to pages that are well thought out, and if you want to see a good flow of visitors to your web site then you are going to need to have the site well thought out. Placing too many ads or banners on your site will actually turn people off, and you will find that people will shy away from your site if it is too busy. The same can be said for too many videos or audio clips as well, and if you are trying to do people the favor of eliminating the reading material in favor of audio sources don't bother. You will not be doing the visitor a favor, and you certainly will not be doing the website any favors either. This will drive people away from your site faster than they came in.

Showcase What You Would Want To See Elsewhere

Traffic flows to pages that are clean and well put together, and if you want to know what people want to look at you need to only think about what you would want to see. If you want the site to look good, then you should model it after a site that you have looked at prior that gave you inspiration. A good site sticks around for a long time, because it is actually a good site. This site that prompted you to try your hand at it should be what you are emulating because this is obviously a successful website.

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