Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Internet Marketing - The Frustration of eBooks - Part 2

by Dean Tidman

Last time we looked at the rather sad statistics of how few eBook buyers actually opened, read and printed their purchase. Now, let's look at how we can 'Take Information to Create an Action Plan'

The first part is easy - Always save an ebook to a file name that means something to you, and more importantly, is likely to mean something to you tomorrow! It is easy to assume that the title or the subject of the book will be enough, yet we all have very busy lives and those words that meant so much yesterday, seem to mean very little today

A cool tip for saving these eBooks is this:

· Create a New Folder in 'My Documents' or wherever you like to save any of your important computer files that you will want to find and refer to again

· Name the Folder

!Action eBooks

· Create a Folder in '!Action eBooks' for the Subject

Pay Per Click

Now that Exclamation Mark at the beginning of the Folder Name is NOT a typo, it is there to make the Folder appear at the TOP of your list of documents. This way, the title stands out every time and it should start to bug you, if you haven't opened the documents within it

Open the eBook you were so keen to read - now PRINT IT. Do it now and you'll have a 'real printed book' in your hands. Remember, you would pay $5 or more for a regular novel in the supermarket, so spend a couple of Dollars on printing it out

If you were smart you set the printer to print 'Reverse Pages' so that the book is in the correct order and you have maybe 50 to 150 pages of eBook in your hands. Does that book make you want to read it now? It should do! You have just spent a few bucks on printing that out and NOW it feels like a book you would want to read

You are NOT ready to start reading yet! Grab a Highlighter (perhaps even 2 if you like different colors) or a Marker Pen or any pen or pencil - Dive in and start reading. As you read, mark anything that stands out to you

Lots of different things may be important to you:

· New Information

· Link to a Website

· Top Tip

· Essential List of Tasks

Whatever stands out to YOU. If you get to the end of the Report or eBook and there are no marks on the page, one of two things has happened. Either you were not reading it and simply turning the pages whilst watching 'American Idol' or this eBook has no information in it for you

If it is the latter, then perhaps you need to ask yourself a very searching question - Do I do all of the things listed in the eBook? If the answer is YES - Great you are probably already well on your way to success online. If the answer is NO - Then you will need to stop READING eBooks and start DOING!

The chances are, there are many eBook sitting on your computer that you have never properly read and printed. Search them out and you'll be amazed as to how much information is already at your fingertips. Print them and mark the details that stand out to you and you're well on your way to 'Creating a Action Plan'

There will more than likely be some similarity between one eBook and the next. This should tell you something - either both of the Authors are very ill-informed OR they are both correct and maybe you will need to act in the same way

In Part 3, we will 'Create an Action Plan' from all these notes, highlights and scribble marks we have made in those eBooks, since at the moment we have not acted far enough!

About the Author

Dean is a keen Internet Marketer who wants others to learn from his mistakes and follow the 'right path' to success in the shortest possible time